Saturday, February 12, 2011

Weaver Ancestral Farm - Near Miamisburg Ohio early 1900's

Here is the home on bindery hill just west of Miamisburg Ohio where my grandfather Noah Elwood Weaver was born. My sense is this is a photo he took as he learned more and more about the art of photography. I am so grateful he was an early adopter of technology. Not scared to try the new fangled stuff! Thanks Grandpa

Here is Noah Elwood with a large format camera in West Carrollton in front of the envelope factory where he was a clerk for many years. I think this is how he got such great resolution.

Family portrait most likely by NEW, Front row, Noah Weaver 1835-1929, Harriet Weaver 1856-1952 holding Paul Henry Weaver, born Dec 24, 1910, his father Noah Elwood Weaver 1885 - 1973, back row, hired workers, male and female (with parrot), William Benton Weaver 1879- 1973, Edna Helena Eicher 1885- 1942.

Working in the wheat field by the farmstead here are two unnamed hired workers left and right side with a child on the top of the stacked wheat. To the left of the stack is Harriet "Hattie" Weaver and to the right is William Benton Weaver.

Likely a threshing machine shared by farmers, this photo was part of Noah Elwoods portfolio from that era. Approx 1908 in Red Album gifting to Wright State Archives page 3
 Will Weaver, with sheep at Weaver farm circa 1908  -----note farm house in background ---
Weaver farm house, Miami Twp Sect 3, 1 Mile west of Miamisburg up the "Stony Hill" road now in 2017 known as route 725 CA 1908  Page 1 red Album


  1. Love these old photos. Absolutely beautiful and thank you for sharing.

  2. Really nice and beautiful old photos. I love these photos from my hard.