Saturday, February 12, 2011

Weaver Ancestral Farm - Near Miamisburg Ohio early 1900's

Here is the home on bindery hill just west of Miamisburg Ohio where my grandfather Noah Elwood Weaver was born. My sense is this is a photo he took as he learned more and more about the art of photography. I am so grateful he was an early adopter of technology. Not scared to try the new fangled stuff! Thanks Grandpa

Here is Noah Elwood with a large format camera in West Carrollton in front of the envelope factory where he was a clerk for many years. I think this is how he got such great resolution.

Family portrait most likely by NEW, Front row, Noah Weaver 1835-1929, Harriet Weaver 1856-1952 holding Paul Henry Weaver, born Dec 24, 1910, his father Noah Elwood Weaver 1885 - 1973, back row, hired workers, male and female (with parrot), William Benton Weaver 1879- 1973, Edna Helena Eicher 1885- 1942.

Working in the wheat field by the farmstead here are two unnamed hired workers left and right side with a child on the top of the stacked wheat. To the left of the stack is Harriet "Hattie" Weaver and to the right is William Benton Weaver.

Likely a threshing machine shared by farmers, this photo was part of Noah Elwoods portfolio from that era.


  1. Love these old photos. Absolutely beautiful and thank you for sharing.

  2. Really nice and beautiful old photos. I love these photos from my hard.