Monday, February 14, 2011

Eicher and Weaver Connections 1885-86 Maps Miami Township - Farms

Another of Noah Elwood's black and white photos of his wife, Edna, here climbing the Bindery Hill Road with their small son, Paul Henry, likely about 1914 when he was four. This is on the way to the Weaver Family Farm up from Miamisburg.

On the map here, note the CH and D Railroad on the 1885 map where the road curves up the hill where the photo above was taken. Note the apple orchard on the 110 acre farm with Noah  Magdalen Weaver labeled with the school house across the street. This is Sect 3 where Jacob Weaver homesteaded and then passed down through Phillip to Noah.

Here is the 1885 Map west of the Big Miami River, note the F Eicher 102 acres in Section 15. The creek here still exists on the Cox Arboretum land. George Eicher brother of Henry my grandfather was the last in the family to farm the land.

Here is a Noah Elwood Weaver Photo, likely with the large format camera on a tripod. Edna Helena Eicher Weaver, N Elwood Weaver, Emma Esther Eicher, Lena Brandt Paul, Paul H Weaver as an infant, and Henry Eicher at the George Eicher orchard, which is the same land the Franz Eicher purchased in the mid 1800's in Section 15, Miami Twp. Notice the orchard and farm home on the 1885 map of the F Eicher 102 acre farm. This is the home where Franz's children were born.

Here is a drawn map I found in Miamisburg that captures the flavor of the time when Noah Elwood Weaver was born on the family farm in 1885. Note the railroad at the base of the hill, bindery hill, and the drawing of the Miamisburg Binder Twine and Cordage Company.

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