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The Brandt - Paul Family Tree - Esther Grossnickle 1973 Lighting the fire :-)

Here is the original document that Esther Grossnickle gave me in 1973 when I came to West Carrollton for my grandfather Elwood Weaver's funeral. She was the first relative I met that had any interest in our roots and family tree on the Weaver side of the family.

Here is Johann George Paul born in Fellingshausen Germany on May 7, 1774. Church records in Fellingshausen, say the family left in 1836. Other notes say he emigrated to America in 1837. He had a cobblers, shoe shop in a long barn that sat next to the railroad tracks across the Great Miami River from West Carrollton, on the Farmerville-West Carrollton Road, which in the mid 1800's was called Whitfield. Johann George met Amelia his future wife, pictured here, when she got off the train at this location when she was coming from Germany. Family records indicate Amelia Brandt was born 26 Mar 1824 in Krankenhagen, Niedersachsen, Germany and emigrated to Ohio in 1847. According to records, Amelia was the daughter of Fredrick Ludwig Brandt and Angel (Engel) Hecker - "Angel was the only daughter of a cabinet maker. She Married Fredrick Brandt who worked for her father, to this union 13 children were born. 5 died in infincy, the family home was in Rentiln in a town called Krankenhagen, the surviviing children (8) with the exception of 3 sons, comae to America, third son, who remained in Germany continued to live in the family home which was situated on the bank of the Weser River, His names was Ludwig and it is understood he had no children, the 7 home came to America are listed from oldest to youngest" According to the notes of my cousin Jeanette Weaver. "many of the family pictures were taken at the George Paul farm which was on the north east corner of Hemple Road and the Soldiers Home Road. The house is no longer there. There was a huge tree that was struck my lightning, and they leveled off the bottom and left the broken back standing. You can see this in the family pictures that show the families sitting on the old tree stump."

Here is "Mary", Born Amelia Louisa Brandt, Married Johann George Paul, in her later years.

The original photo of a Brandt Family reunion at the Paul Farm.

These are the identifications for the photo,
that Jeannette Weaver, Wanda Grossnickle Bourdeau and Tom Weaver, this author figured out during out visit together in Troy- Farmersville Ohio in Oct 2010. Any additions, editing and corrections are very welcome! Thanks

At the stump on the George and Mary Paul Farm, are Emma Esther Eicher, Charles Albert Eicher and Edna Helena Eicher, siblings from the Henry Eicher and Helena "Lane" Paul part of the family tree. I am the greatgrandson of Helena Paul, Jeanette Allen Weaver is the great granddaugther of Sarah Ann Paul (we are third cousins then) and Wanda Grossnickle Bourdeau is granddaugher of John Paul. In the photo above, #5 Ida Eschbaugh is Jeannette's grandmother # 6 Edna Eicher is my grandmother, and #9 Esther Paul is Wanda's mother. Tom, Jeannette and Wanda are the kissin' 2nd and 3rd cousins!

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