Monday, February 14, 2011

Henry Eicher's Home Rental on Bellbrook Road

Likely in the summer of 1911, N Elwood Weaver took this photo of Edna's parents, Emma Helena "Lane" Paul Eicher, with his young son, Paul Henry, on their porch facing Bellbrook Road just East of Alexandersville.

Here is Henry Eicher, who Paul Henry called Da Dad as a small boy sharing an egg with him at his home on Bellbrook Road. This is the home Henry lived in during George Eicher his brother farmed the 102 acres of land to the south. My father attributed his interest in conservation and nature to his grandfather Henry Eicher.

Here in the orchard, next to the family farm on the original Franz Eicher farm, now managed by George Eicher his son, are Edna Helena Eicher, Noah Elwood Weaver, who is the photographer, Emma Esther Eicher, Lane Paul Eicher with Paul Henry and Henry Eicher in 1911.

One of my favorites of Granddad N Elwood's photos, has  Paul Henry Weaver, between a young woman on the left, and his mom, Edna Eicher, here by the creek on the George Eicher farm. This land is now in the care of Cox Arboretum and is quite grown over with a succession forest. I published an article using this photo for the Cox Arboretum a few years back.

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