Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day 2010 Storage Move St Cloud

Nate, my oldest son, contacted me a while back to support him in storing the large computer game console he acquired back in the day at the Java Joint in downtown St Cloud. I remember visiting the place when it was quite smoke filled and Nate had an office for a computer and internet business across the street on St Germain. Anyway, some five years ago, his mom asked that he move the large console from the family garage. On Sunday, I met Sarah here at her garage with her friend from Winona, who was kind enough to store it for Nate in her garage across the Mississippi River in East St Cloud while we loaded it onto my utility trailer. I am so glad the trailer works so well to cart a variety of things around!

Here are Jesse and Nate, 25 and 29 unloading the console at our Waite Park storage area.

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