Friday, May 14, 2010

Guthrie Theater May 8 M Butterfly David Hwang Wonderful International Show by the River

On a pleasant Saturday evening in May, here are Jane Newell and Don Roden (soon to marry), Xioasong Steven Liu, John Kowalczyk from Duluth, and John Nisja at the overview of the Mississippi at St Anthony Falls prior to going into the theater. I am honored to have seen this evocative play that captures much of international misunderstanding and the stories some of us to deceive us from the reality that we are "all related" as my D/Lakota teachers say. Thanks to Steven for his personal experience and understanding of Chinese culture and the language.

After the theater, some of us visited the Spaggetti Factory for food and merriment. Here are Steven Jane and Don, in a loving version of "we're off to see the Wizard". Thanks for your beauty love and joy. Live long and prosper!


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