Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Jesse and Amy enjoying the gifts of Nature at Pelican Lake

When I arrived at Pelican Lake, I heard Jesse talk about finding a "layer" down near the lake. What i heard was "layer", so as we were walking toward the lake, i was wondering if there was a layer of sand or other phenomena to see. Well, my hearing and seeing now create the language (I do create my reality through some of the language I use, right?) and sure enough there appeared a tunnel 1/2 into the hill of sand, and it is a "lair" of something. I wondered if it was a turtle who could have been a layer of eggs and voila, now turtle footprints. Hm, perhaps a burrowing critter like a badger might be there. We decided not to poke anything in there however.

Here Amy found a mint plant that is very fragrant, almost like a wild spearmint. Didn't have the time to key it out this time and we do have books for future reference. Nice to know there are few mints that are poisonous so here we go, a chance for a natural harvest. Fun curiosity Amy. More shall be revealed.

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