Monday, May 10, 2010

Mississippi River High Water- Grief and the waters of life

Here is this author on the Wabasha Bridge, photo taken by Steve or Charlie Borden, men I know through the Mankind Project MN. At the time of the spring thaw, I was dealing with some respiratory illness dealing with grief and tiredness. Grateful for the compassionate witnessing of my tears by both Charlie and Steve, two men I have learned to trust to witness the release of my deep grief work, whenever it comes up. Interesting how the grief can just well up from deep in my gut and the sounds come along with it. Trust the process. Thinking about the teaching of Martin Prechtel a Mayan teacher whom I have done some work with in the past. Ah, mother earth and the waters of life, continue to model with seasons of change. Pilamiya. Thanks in gratitude. All my relations!

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