Monday, May 10, 2010

Heirloom Tomato Seeds from Jamie Wellik

The first weekend in April, I drove to the Schmidt farm outside of Winsted to work with Grey Schmidt to plant the germination flats. These are some of the eight varieties the Jamie picked out to supplement the varieties Grey grows for his commercial venture. I am so grateful for the support the Schmidt's have been over the years, to support the germination of tasty heirlooms as well as standard hybrids for gardens in the city. Last year, I supported tilling 11 gardens and I am on my way to a similar number this year. Soon we will be past frost time here in Minnesota and I hope to capture the process of planting in a future blog entry. Grey raises some 7.000 tomato plants to fullfill his contract with a grocery chain in the Twin Cities and I am grateful to have the energy to put sweat equity into his enterprise as well as mine. Green sustainable solutions, leading from behind. Empowerment to each garden!

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