Monday, March 23, 2009

Uzes 2008 View from Dukes Tower - Home of Louis Chapelier

I took this photo to the east in August of 2008, looking a the Valley of the Gare while Jean Luc Chapelier, my guide and cousin was telling me about our ancestor Louis Chapelier married Simmone Roux here in 1663. Later we drove to Nimes to a genealogy library where I was able to photograph the book that documents the marriage. I was particularly struck by the history of the Huguenots, and how resilent the Chappelear family was, and they later connected with the Arnaud family from the area about La Rochelle as they found refuge in England and later in Maryland. Jean Luc was a great host, inviting me to visit his cabin up in St Germain de Calberte in the Cevennes where Robert Lewis Stevenson traveled in 1879 and wrote about in Travels with a Donkey. I look forward to visiting St Mary's County Maryland where Isaac and Elias Chappelear lived and married into the Wood and Brammel families in the 1700's before Elias moved to Virginia, to Culpeper County.

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