Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Peg Weaver's 90th Birthday, June 3 2000

I am writing a letter and sending a book in gratitude of mentoring by Ernie Campbell, who introduced me to the wilderness with the Cathedral Youth Groups of the 1960's. I was reflecting with on the phone with his wife, Margaret Campbell who moved with Ernie to Walla Walla Washington in 1969 what a gift Peg's life has been. I think of Earnie and his crew cut, when Margaret shared "he is now 81 and cutting back, having stopped skiing a couple of years ago". I thought of Peg's life long enthusiasm and her honoring of my coming out as a two spirited, aka gay man and son and father some 20 + years ago.
Like Len Glessner had been in the center of the Glessner Weaver clan when Peg was married in 1935. See entry in this blog, so to is Peg in the center of this biological family constellation in 2000 at the Pelican Palmer Nature Cabin.. Pictured first row, Susan E Johnson Weaver, Nellie Jane Williams Weaver, Margaret "Peg" Glessner Weaver, Valerie Brick Weaver, Jesse Macrorie Weaver, back row, John Eicher Weaver I, Kristin Derry Weaver, Nathan Blair Weaver, Melanie Brick Weaver, James Cowles Weaver, Thomas Glessner Weaver. Photo by Nate-Kris Weaver

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