Sunday, March 29, 2009

Olympia Cafe Faribault George Boosalis and High Basketball 1965 starters

This photo was taken from behind the soda fountain at the Olympia Cafe in Faribault, for years, an iconic family restaurant, hosted by the Boosalis Family of Greek heritage. Here they provided hearty meals, and had a smile for kids at the soda fountain during the 50's and 60's of my childhood, on the corner of 4th and Central across from Payant Drug above which my father Paul H Weaver MD had a medical practice beginning in 1939. They also made and packaged their own chocolates as I remember. Picture here are the 5 starters of the Faribault Basketball team of 1965, who led the team to second place in the Big Nine and second placein the Minnesota State Basketball Tournament, when there were only eight teams, one from each region. From the left: Fred Zahn, Tom Weaver, Todd Andrews, 1945 Faribault State Tourney Team member ? name?, Paul Dragsten and Jim Ohnstad served by proprietor, George Boosalis.


  1. Some old Shads were just having a conversation on Facebook of Faribault places we used to go back in the day (late 60's/early 70's) such as Olympia, Wimpys, Mealys....all gone now except Basileos. Someone mentioned "the cynical old greek who ran the place." Is he in the picture above? In any case, thanks for the pic, I'm sharing it with them.

    1. Hi injun2, Just noticed your comment from last May! Thanks - Yes this is the guy George Boosalis was was the talkative one, and as I remember could have been cynical for sure - brother Bill was more quiet - Old Shad eh? My dad, Paul H Weaver MD did sick call at the Shattuck infirmary from about 1939 to 1976, when were you there? Do you remember Gerald Kieffer there? His son, Greg in my FHS Class of 1965, still lives in Faribault and has an interest in Shad history - My best email for this blog is tomw@wopida dot com