Thursday, March 5, 2009

Peg Weaver Spring 2007 - Age 96 - Being vibrant and open!

Here is one of my favorite photos, of my Mom, being vibrant and clear about what she likes and wants. She aways liked the color yellow and custard was a favorite food for years. We discovered D'Amico's creme brule' when visiting the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and having lunch there. So here is Peg enjoying a creme brule from D'Amicos, Eden Prairie branch. We were talking about the planting of a red bud, one of Paul H Weaver's favorite trees, the one with beautiful lavender flowers that blooms in Ohio and places further south. She attended the spring dedication of the tree at the Cathedral Garden in Faribault when I was supported by my good friends Jane and Byron during the ceremony. When teaching about nutrional health and being open to nutritional and herbal supplements, I remember how she looked at her diet and many other lifestyle and attitudinal changes she made after her diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, and subsiquent Whipple procedure done at Abbott Northwestern Hospital in 1982 at age 72. She still teaches me from the other side! Thanks Peg.

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