Thursday, March 26, 2009

Margaret Glessner as a young girl Findlay Ohio

In her autobiography, Rememberings of an Eighty Three year old grandma, Peg wrote relative to this photo. "On the wall hung my rather large, oval, framed, tinted portrait, my smiling face topped by curls, looking somewhat like Shirley Temple. My mother loved Shirley Temple movies and was very upset when she learned, during her visit while Pete was interning in Minneapolis, that I had never seen her. The first house I remember living in was a bungalow, a one-story house with a wide porch across the front, at 1228 South Main Street , the main drag with a street-car car track down the middle. Small street-cars wobbled down the track, the motorman repeatedly pressing his foot on the control of a clangy bell. At the end of the track, only a few blocks from my house, the trolley, on a single track, was "turned around." The motorman got off: pulled down on a hanging rope to lower the trolley pole with its small wheel and reversed its attachment to the overhead electrical wire. But it was more fun to go down to the circus train early in the morning to watch the elephants push the wagons off ofthe flat cars. Afternoon parades were exciting, the clowns often calling out in my direction, "Hello, Red."
Peg, like her mom, Inez, reflected our Irish-English heritage as a red head.

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