Friday, September 18, 2015

Germany Visit Aug 2008 Sustainable Energy Ideas from the Koch Family - Friends of Andy M

 In August of 2008, I was welcomed to the home of Carsten and Suzanna Koch, near Bremen in Deutschland.  Carsten is a friend of Andy Mickel who in 2015 is now traveling in Germany and sent me an updated photo from the Koch family estates.
Carsten in the beard with his family in Aug 2008, photo by Tom Weaver

Carsten's office, Bureau auf Deutsch.  He and Andy met through their common interest in computers and programming I recall.

Suzanna and her son, with the chocolate I brought to share with coffee outside.
The quiet "guest cabin' I stayed in while visiting the Kochs.  Very serene as I recall.
Here is my outside "office" where I sat to catch the wifi internet in the morning with my MacBook, the same MacBook I still use today in 2015!  This was before I started my blog, which you are reading, in 2009.

Germany and Energy Efficient Housing 2008 to 2015

 During my short visit, I became intrigued by the commitment of the Koch's to using alternative sustainable energy technology for their new Energy Efficient Home under construction.  Here is a photo of one of the construction phases.
 Carsten and kids during construction.
Another photo of energy efficient home during construction. 

Photo of home in Sept 2015 sent by Andy Mickel who is now visit in Europe.  Thanks Andy. Fun to see the finished product. 

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