Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Glendalough to Kilkenny - Monday travels in the south of Ireland

Here is the full Irish Breakfast I had at Mary's B and B near Glendalough.  I see that she was quite a horse riding with many awards in the local Irish tradition. 
 As I parked my car, some Irish people, "said don't park here, there are thieves working here and the Diesel only is a dead give away you are a tourist. "  Hardly a warm and inviting welcome to the site of St Kevin and his meditative setting painted as the valley of two lakes.

Here is the visitors center that seemed quiet and welcoming enough.....and then on the door -

Another level of homeland insecurity....and I just walked around a bit and left after seeing the round tower

First view of the round tower, after I walked past a Hotel between the visitors center and the historic site.

Second photo of the round tower at Glendelough with the grave marker of still another Kavanaugh

 Busker playing the Irish Pipes at the rather touristy site. Music nice and long for my own quiet meditation here.   I left  after only a short stay, as the number of tourists is quite amazing here.  Perhaps I will return very early in the morning to have the place to meditate.  :-)

The Butlers and Ormonde's.   I have done a fair amount of research on the Chase Family Genealogy, and discovered a line through the Chases of Chesham England, to the Boulds of the same with Margaret Butler, born in Kilkenny in 1460 -
The Courtyard of the Castle where a saw a video on the Butlers and the extensive renovation by the OWA, the Irish entity that inherited the castle.

Hermes Statue looking at the fountain and gardens,

Castle from the public garden in front 
 Front of Hibernarian Pub where I had dinner. The Ormonde St Parking lot is where I parked to find the information tourist agency who booked my B and B.
Leek and Potato Soup with a Kilkenny Brew and Water beginning evening meal at the Hibernarian Pub - below the evening light with the castle on my walk across the river back to my B and B.

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