Friday, September 4, 2015

Co Cork, Bantry Bay to places north - Co Clare and the Burren

Kinsella Kitchen with Penny and Jonno opening the window to let the fruitflies out.   Preparing the space for later events.   They moved to Snave closer to Bantry from Glengariff where many contacts were made, including the connection to Harrington's Pub which Jonno has a regular gig. 
Harrington's Pub in Glengariff, on my way north on Friday. 
John at Mannings where we shared food prior to our drive to Blarney.  

Jonno at Manning's where we stopped for a luncheon cheese plate and other snacks on our way to Blarney Castle first visiting some of the hangouts on Bantry Bay.  

Sunka Hanwi, the Kinsella Moon Dog, one of the welcoming committee in the home.    

Bantry Bay at more full tide, just across the road from the Kinsella home in Snave.  

Apple tree with lichens on the branches, indicating the level of humidity in the area.  
Hanging red flowers, that are all over this part of Ireland, by the Kinsella driveway

Jonno at his big Michelin map in the office, pointing out parts of the west coast of Ireland. 

Rental pony, with the dent on the passenger side, from the after the Thursday night I group in Cork. No one hurt and happy I enrolled in full coverage for my insurance.  Wo wokiya

Blarney Castle, Jon Kinsella Tom Weaver and Penny Kinsella on our way to the castle and the stone t the top! 
 Tower of Blarney Castle W co Cork.

 View of the gardens from the top of the castle.  Penny in red jacket.
The area at the top of the castle where the Barney Stone kissing queue is located. The guy with the red shirt is handing out tickets to buy photos for 10 EU down below.  :-)
Important gift from Penny for supporting smudging and cleansing ceremonies.  Pidamiya Hankashi Penny.  

After kissing the stone at the top of the castle, these large tropical like plants appeared to me...looking for shamrocks and the little people.  Where are they?


 Bantry Bay from the road as I went north on N71.

 Poster in the local pub with the recent election in Ireland.

After meeting Molly O'Mara and her daughter at the Burren Visitors center and sharing a meal at the Vaughan Pub nearby and learning about Tom Vaughan and his local prime TV personality, we drove in tandem to this parking lot for the portal tomb.

The O'Maras and me leaning on their car. Photo by the Paris France tattooed guy.

O'Mara's with their stickered, tattooed (:-) Car..
Molly O'Mara with a man from the north of France on the Burren limestone 
 Burren Limestone with yellow ragwort.

O'Maras hiking on the Burren
Burren Landscape driving north toward the coast.

The French men, on the left from the north and right from Paris who both work for and translate English into French.  At the B and B in Lalinch.

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