Sunday, October 12, 2014

1945-1949 Weaver Family Faribault Minnesota Photos, by Paul H Weaver and Noah Elwood Weaver

 1946 Faribault Rock Island Train depot with Rock Island Rocket passenger train southbound. 
 In the 1940's here specifically in 1946, shown on page 30 of the P-P Album, the Weaver Grandparents, made their way from West Carrollton Ohio to Faribault by the Rock Island Rocket.  Other times, Noah Elwood and his wife, (Edna Eicher Weaver prior to her 1943 passing) and then Virginia Magee Weaver.
 1946, on page 30 of P P Album. Note Faribault Rock Island station, overhead light and semi phore and looks like water towels in the background.

Lake Mazaska Rice Co, Fishing trip, L-R N Elwood Weaver, Paul H Weaver, Claudia Horning, Peg Weaver and Dave Horning.  Note clouds in the background.  Wonder if that is the result of the lens filters my grandfather NEW experimented with.  He loved photography.  Labeled 1944
 1947 - 425 SW 3rd St Back Yard swing set, Jim Weaver above, Jack Weaver below garage and snow fence .
 1945, phone likely by NE Weaver, front yard at Faribault limestone home. Peg, Jack, Pete, and Jim.
 1947 Kodacolor print, Jack and Jim Weaver in east side yard Faribault -Spring Lilacs blooming.
 1947 Jim and Jack Weaver (note red hair) by lilac and porch in spring. 
 1947 black and white,  Jim above, Jack below with swing set. Note garage on left, and Gipson, later Andrews home across 5th Ave to the west.
 Spring 1949 with 1939 Dodge in the driveway, flowering apple tree and tulips in garden.  425 SW 3rd St Faribault
 1948 Christmas Tree Dining Room Jim , Paul H, Tom in lap, and Jack Weaver.
 1948 Christmas Toys Jack Weaver.
 1949 Jack Weaver, red head, with dad, Paul H Weaver, Norway Spruce in Faribault Yard.
 1949 Jack Weaver on trike by Weaver home sunporch by PHW  Kodacolor print
1949 Black and white Jack and Tom Weaver, David and Jane Agerter, Weaver home.

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