Thursday, October 9, 2014

1943-1946 Album of Pete and Peg Weaver - First and only purchased home in Faribault - Lake Mazaska Fishing- With Dave & Claudia Horning

1944 Lake Mazaska NW of Faribault, Dave and Claudia Horning, Noah Elwood Weaver, Peg and Pete Weaver
1945 Lake Mazaska Jim Weaver born Sept 1940 with fish and like Dave S Horning born 1939
Picnic Peg, Pete, Jim Weaver with Noah Elwood Weaver  -----Minnesota Lake

1944  Peg Weaver, Minette Ness (baby sitter?), Paul H"Pete"Weaver, Dave Horning, Jim Weaver (front) Rev Dave Horning and Claudia Horning  ----
1944 Fishing Noah Elwood Weaver, Paul H "Pete" Weaver (with pipe), Claudia Horning, Peg Weaver, Dave Horning 

 The limestone home was purchased in the summer of 1943.  Here is the front of the house at 425 SW 3rd St in Faribault in the winter of 1943-44. 

 1944 Living Room Fireplace with small maple table that is still with the St Cloud Weaver family, at Jesse and Amy's home.  Used for many projects over the years. Writing stamp collecting. Note 78 rpm record collection to the left, and magazine rack I remember having Saturday Evening Posts in it.
 1944 Living room with floral couch covering, Johnston Hall Seabury Campus Library, 3 glassed door bookcase, now returned to the Guild House by the Cathedral in Faribault, after a tour to Duluth and St Cloud with the Tom Weaver family. 
 1944 Weaver home living room looking north out the big window. Weber Baby Grand Piano, drop leaf walnut table in front by couch.  Far corner had a short wave radio that I would listen to Chicago radio stations and well as KDHL um pah music for milking cows in the morning. And WCCO with Maynard Speece for the livestock reports.   In the hayday of Radio prior to TV :-)
1944-45 Peg and Pete Weaver at dock, Lake Mazaska, with Minnows sign.  Goin' fishin" ? In a rowboat.  No noisy motors :-)

Dave Horning with cigarette, Noah Elwood Weaver and Peg Weaver with Lake Mazaska in the background.

1944-45  Peg Weaver and Dave Horning at Picnic table Lake Mazaska near Faribault Rice County
1944  Noah Elwood Weaver, visiting his sons family from Ohio.  He drove with his new and second wife Virginia Magee Weaver to Minnesota in the summer.  Here between 2 rowboats on Lake Mazaska I think.

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