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1931-36 Noah Elwood Weaver's Green Album - Son Paul Henry at Antioch College - Trips to Great Smokies - Natural Tunnel VA

 Paul Henry Weaver, enrolled at Antioch College in 1928.  Here he is with his signature pipe, which according to my mom's memoir on page 104 "Because of his heart problem, reluctantly he gave up smoking his pipe, which he had enjoyed since he began at Antioch College."Page 2 Green Album of Noah Elwood Weaver (1931-38) Soon to be given to Wright State University Archives
Photo of Noah Elwood, tipping his hat, likely with Edna taking the photo during their trip to the Great Smoky Mountains.  No written comments by either of them

Noah Elwood Weaver, by rhododendrons, p 11 Green Album 1931- 1934

On page 19 of the green album, Edna E Weaver dated this clipping about the Realm of the Road and the history of the Smoky Mountains, Knoxville TN, Asheville NC, Newfound Gap and the modern car written in 1934. Note the comments in the last paragraph about DeSoto and the Cherokee Nation.  And freedom and guns.....

 p 20 Post Card in NEW Green Album Natural Tunnel, Virginia.   Now a state park.
Natural Tunnel State Park is a Virginia state park, centered on the Natural Tunnel, a massive naturally formed cave that is so large it is used as a railroad tunnel. It is located in the Appalachian Mountains near Duffield in Scott County, Virginia.
The Natural tunnel, which is up to 200 feet (61 m) wide and 80 feet (24 m) high,[1] began to form more than a million years ago when groundwater bearing carbonic acid percolated through crevices and slowly dissolved limestone and dolomite bedrock. A small river, which is now called Stock Creek, was diverted underground and it continued to erode the tunnel over many millennia.
The walls of the tunnel show evidence of prehistoric life. Many fossils have been found in the creek bed and in the tunnel walls.[2]
 Noah Elwood and Edna Eicher Weaver at the railroad tunnel, Natural Tunnel Virginia -

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