Sunday, August 17, 2014

1967 Photos - BWCA Faribault Episcopal Cathedral Youth Photos by Dean Ernie Campbell (Agfachrome)

I recently visited Ernie Campbell at his home in Walla Walla Washington, where he got out his Kodak Slide Projector, complete with music of "born free" from I think a 1966 movie by that name. 
According to my records the EYC Canoe trip was July 31 - Aug 9, 1967.  We started at Lake One and the Kawishiwi River, Island Lake, Insula, Alice, Kawishiwi River with Pictograph side trip, Lake Thomas, Kekakabik, Visit to Canada, Knife Lake, Birch Lake and back to Moose for a refreshing sauna to clean up. 
1966 British Movie
Here is the image that caught my attention in Ernie and Margaret's basement in Walla Walla last week. 
Here is Dorothy Molter on Knife Lake in 1967 when our youth group, led by Ernie Campbell the Dean of the Cathedral of Our Merciful Savior in Faribault visited.  Not sure who the other canoers are here.  Just remember the "KWITCHURBELYKIN' Sign where we got her Root Beer.  Ernie asked me to co lead this trip, as a Carleton student in nearby Northfield, had the summer mostly off, while working at the Shell Station or  Tom Taylor's Survey Company that summer. 

Camp Lunch in the BWCA? Tim Onkka, Ellen Babcock?, Jeff Blaisdell, Eleanor Eisinger, Tom Weaver (me with a beard age 20), Jack Lockwoor, Jan Orr, Nancy Onkka, Dan Onkka, Andy Larsen, Photo Agfachrome by Ernie Campbell

 Andrea "Andy" Larsen by Ernie Campbell.

 Pictograph with Tom Weaver, your author here....

Upon emerging from the BWCA and cleaning up, showering after our return to Moose Lake, I recall, we celebrated our return to "civilization" with a stop at the A & W, likely in Ely. Note the prices. Jumbo Root beer 15 cents, quart for 30 cents, looks like Nancy Onkka in the bus below, scored a 10- 15 cent cone :-)

Here we are toasting with root beer in the School Bus Ernie drove. Bill Roerich, Carrie Hormel, Jeff Blaisdell, Nancy Onkka and various arms-hands to the right.

Jan Orr with our trusty school bus in the A & W parking lot, Ely MN Likely. 

This looks like burgers we must have stopped for on our way back to Faribault.  Bus delivery at another A & W.  Photo by Ernie Campbell. 

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