Monday, August 18, 2014

1967 Faribault Cathedral Youth BWCA Trip with Dean Ernie Campbell photos by Tom Weaver

Inspired by my recent visit with Ernie and Margaret Campbell In Walla Walla Washington this past week,  I decided to scan some of these slides from the Faribault Cathedral EYC Group from 1967 and our July 31 - Aug 9 trip to the BWCA. 
 Dan Onkka, Jeff Blaisdell, Bill Roerich, and Jack Lockwood at the end of the first portage onto the Kawishiwi River.
From the Land of Sky Blue Waters, Kawishiwi River.  

 Jeff Blaisdell with a fishing lure in his hat.
Our first campsite, on an island in Lake 2, Dan Onkka observing Rev Ernie packing a Duluth pack.
 Canoeing on Knife Lake to visit Canada without passports. Dan Onkka, Ellen Babock, Jeff Blaisdell and Bill Roerich.

Kari or Carrie ? Hormel honoring the 1965 Faribault Basketball Falcons with Jeff Blaisdell.
 At the end of our 9 day canoe trip in the BWCA, the Carlson Outfitter on Moose Lake, provided the traditional sauna where we all cleaned up, prior to our school bus trip back to Faribault. Please see the photos by Ernie Campbell on this blog.  This is one I took, L to R, Dan and Nancy Onkka, AndyLarsen, Ernie Campbell, Eleanor Eisinger, Jan Orr, Ellen Babcock, Tim Onkka, Kari ?Carrie Hormel, Bill Roerich, Jeff Blaisdell, David Lockwood.


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