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Washington DC The Nations Capitol - Camping Visit by the Weaver Family & Friends from Ohio 1928

Here in 1928 are the commemorative stamps for the International Civil Aeronautics Conference in Washington DC in December of 1928.   Looking at the stamps of this time..
Commemorative of " the 25th anniversary of the first sustained and controlled human flight in a self-propelled heavier-than-air craft by the Wright brothers"
2-Cent stamp showing the Wright Flyer I airplane, in left profile, used by the Wright brothers in their first successful flight at Kitty Hawk, N.C., on 17 December 1903
5-Cent stamp showing a Ryan B‑5 Brougham airplane with an outline of the globe in the background

 Here in 1928 are the two cars from Ohio camping somewhere near Natural Bridge Virginia on their way to camp by Washington DC.  Note the watermelon on the table. Friends of the Weavers (father's name is Tom, no labels found in travel album of surname)  are on the left, and standing on the right are Paul Henry Weaver (this authors father) and Edna Helena Eicher Weaver (my paternal grandmother)..
View of the front of Mt Vernon 1928 visited by the Weavers and friends...
 Noah Elwood and wife Edna Weaver, friends son and wife, with Paul Henry Weaver in the garden of Mt Vernon, George Washington's home south of Washington DC in Virginia.
Camping area with both Ohio cars and two tents in 1928 with the Washington Memorial in the background.  
1928 Weaver car in front of the Smithsonian on the National Mall..
Shot of the "Castle" building of the Smithsonian in 1928. 

 Construction of a large building.  Not sure as is not labeled in NEW's album.  Might be part of the National Cathedral in 1928?
 1928 view of the Capitol Building with the vintage cars lined up in front.

 Ohio Group blurry snap shot with Noah Elwood Weaver, family mom, dad and son, with Edna Eicher Weaver likely taken by 18 yr old Paul Henry Weaver, my dad.  On the steps of one of the national buildings....

Lincoln Memorial

Both Ohio cars in front of the Lincoln Memorial in 1928. The monument was dedicated in 1922. 

 Edna E Weaver, with family, Tom ___with wife and son, at the Lincoln Memorial. 

Ohio families visiting the White House portico....
Note the carriages in front of the capital building, clearly from the 19th Century before a lot of automobiles! 

Curious to know if they used the large format bills in 1928.  Here is a Two Dollar note from the series of 1917, with Jefferson on the front and a green back design of the numbers with no building image. 

This is the small bill size from the 1928 series, familiar to those living in the 1920th Century. Jefferson on the front and Monticello on the green back. 

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