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Visioning Travel - Returning to the lands of my Chase, Butler, Cowles, Arnaud, Chapelier, Weber, Eicher, Brandt, Paul Ancestors

1966 era photo of Piccadilly Circus, from a book, This England, published by the National Geographic Society, c 1966.   The statue in that time "light-spangled center of the theater district and rendezvous for baffled sightseer and patient bobby. Here lived a 17th Century tailor whose "pickadills", stiff ruffed collars, inspired the name of the circular intersection." In the center is a Victorian Angel of Christian Charity honoring the philanthropy of the 7th Earl of Shaftesbury. The winged archer bends to bury a shaft, and according to p 27 of the 1966 book "the pun on Shaftesbury's name got lost;  Londoners call him Eros (Cupid), Greek god of love.  Eros was the mythical son of Chaos - fitting comment on Picadilly traffic jams."
The Earls of Shaftesbury
Learning about peerage and titles of Britain

In researching my lineage, the Chase and Butler in specific I am learning more about the British history and how events effected my ancestral roots.   William Chase Sr, the came to Massachusetts colony in 1630 on the Winthrop Expedition and was born in Chesham, Bucks, England in 1602.   Chesham is not for from London and Oxford, rather in between.  Doing research prior to a return trip to Britain & Ireland, being more aware of my family deep roots there.  Matthew Chase b 1486 married Elizabeth Bould, whose mother was Margaret Butler - Update April 2018 Before my last trip to the UK and Ireland, I took a wrong turn, here in wishful thinking perhaps and jumped too early to Ireland

The Royal lineage is really not mine, and this line is someone elses, my Margaret Boteler AKA Butler "MARGARET BUTLER or BOTELER (d.1530+)
Margaret Butler was the daughter of Sir Thomas Boteler (1461-1522) and Margaret Delves. Her first husband was Sir Richard Bold of Bold, Lancashire (d. November 16, 1528), by whom she had Matilda (d. November 10, 1568), Sir Richard (d.1558/9), and Dorothy, and possibly Margaret, Elizabeth, and Robert. Her second husband was Thomas Southworth of Salmesbury, Lancashire. Their children were John (d. November 3, 1595) and Margaret. Her daughter Dorothy Bold married Sir John Holcroft the younger of Holcroft. According to Barbara J. Harris in "Sisterhood, Friendship and the Power of English Aristocratic Women, 1450-1550" in Women and Politics in Early Modern England, 1450-1700, edited by James Daybell, the senior Sir John Holcroft (c.1485-1560) accused Margaret, in the Duchy Court of Lancashire, of defrauding Dorothy of her dowry. Harris does not give an outcome.

 I have thus deleted the rest of the story, and now looking to Warrington, Lancashire, England for links to Ireland  ---

 born in Ormond Kerry Ireland in 1460.  She is from a lineage of Butlers who lived in Ireland in the 1300's.

Interesting in reading about peerage, she is written as Lady

The Butlers have a very Irish lineage it appear. William Butler Yeats anyone.

Looking forward to learning and discovering more in the months ahead.   Grateful for the 
start on genealogy done by my mom as she wrote in her Rememberings ""My mother, Inez Chase, was born on February 8, 1888, on the Hancock County, Ohio, farm of her parents, Minta and Justus Zedekiah Chase. She hated her name, Inez; she had no middle name I know little about the Chase genealogy, but my mother said that she had Irish and English ancestry."

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