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More photos circa 1915 by Noah Elwood Weaver - Resident of 321 E Main Street West Carrollton OH

 Noah Elwood Weaver, known during his time as "Elwood" as his father was also named Noah.
As I have written elsewhere on this blog, Noah Elwood was an amateur photographer in the Greater Miami River Valley area and elsewhere from about 1900, when he was 15, through the 1960's.
Here I am, the 6 ft 8 in author with my grandfather, NE, Noah Elwood Weaver at Bethany Lutheran Village in 1970.  I was a 23 yr old med student at the time and he was 85.   His first wife, Edna Eicher, was said to be 6 ft tall, whom I never met as she died in the early 1940's.
 This is a photo, an 8 x 10 print I found in some of the folders I hope to archive likely in Dayton at a library like Wright State University. Tinker Toys as a Christmas gift for Elwood's son, Paul Henry who was born down the street in 1910 in West Carrollton. This was taken in the family home at 321 E Main Street.

Christmases at 321 E Main in West Carrollton are a theme in Noah Elwood's albums.  Here, in the New Year of 1917, is Paul Henry Weaver, age 6, on the stairs, with toys under the tree, including books and a train set.  Notable to my dad, when he described the photo, in about 1980 to me as I wrote in white, this was the "Year of the Desk"

Here also on page 29 of the 1912- 1920 large format album of Noah Elwood Weaver (soon to be archived at Wright State University Dayton, is this image of likely early 1916, or at least after the Christmas presents of 1915 were opened.  5 year old Paul Henry with his arms around his maternal grandpa, Henry Eicher while they both are on the new wooden wagon.   This wagon made its way to Minnesota, and the solid metal wheels are much different than the rubber pneumatic wheels of later years.   I talked with curator/archivist Sarah Allison of the West Carrollton Historical Society and sense with my next trip back to Ohio, I will drop this off, along with the Flexible Flyer Snow Sled, that was new in 1920, when PHW was 10.   Fun look at history and so grateful for the stories. 

NEW's (Noah Elwood Weaver) large format print of the American Envelop Plant exterior likely around 1915.   He worked at a variety of businesses in the valley as an accountant.  

He took a variety of photos of the people to ran the company.  Sadly no identification.  Likely around 1915 in West Carrollton.
 View of the interior of the plant with workers, here mostly men . He did not identify the individual people .
 Men and women at the Envelop company as captured by NE Weaver.  6 x 8 print.
 Another view of the inside of the envelop plant around 1915 by NEW.
 Interesting to see the flags here hanging from some of the equipment.  Likely because of WW I happening at this time.  Photo by NE Weaver ca 1915

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