Monday, March 24, 2014

1971 Journey in the USSR -

With the current unrest in March 2014 in the Ukraine region, it is interesting for me to reflect my visit to that area during the Soviet era.   Here are some images of my journey with Keith and Kevin Kubasch during the summer of 1971, after the Anglo-American Society Visit to the UK.

Keith M Kubasch, native of Winsted MN and the VW Camper he purchased in Germany prior to my meeting him and his brother Kevin in Berlin at Check Point Charlie summer 1971.

 Here is the overview may that I used to show my air trip from Stockholm through Copenhagen to Berlin.  We then drove due East, through East Germany (DDR) and Poland, to the USSR.

Standard tourist photo in 1971 on Red Square with the line of folks to see the dead Lenin.  We did line up as well to see the dead guy.
Closer view of the line for Lenin's tomb with the Kremlin in the background. 
St Basil's on Red Square.  We did walk into the old building..

Another view of the Kremlin in 1971.
 Sign that I am told means "World Peace" south of Moscow.
Entry gate to Kharkov Camping place with our VW Camper ready to enter.  1971.

We had planned to travel to the Caucasus Mountains and Kevin and Keith decided it was too much driving near Kharkov.  Thus we headed west to Kiev from Char'Kov (Kharkov)
Here is he spot just east of Kharkov where the Kubasch brothers, admitted they had enough driving!
On to Kiev....

The mass transit options with the greenery on the apartment buildings I noticed in Kiev.
More of the light rail in Kiev, 1971.

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