Sunday, December 8, 2013

Andrew Cameron Macrorie from Ayrshire and his family tree legacy in the Heartland - Midwest of the US of A

Here is the only photo I have for Andrew Cameron MACRORIE. So far I have learned that he emigrated from Scotland, Ayrshire in 1859, with one birthday listed as 17 Jul 1850.  I have found an Andrew Macrorie in the Scotland Ancestry page whose birthdate is estimated as 1845 in Girvan, Ayrshire. My sense is the church records are not yet on line in Scotland and for $14 a month my trial membership on gives me vague assurances such as: "Unfortunately, we are unable to display the accompanying images of this census at present, despite extensive negotiation with the General Register Office for Scotland. Permission from them has not, as yet, been forthcoming. For this reason, and to enable you to continue with your family history research, Ancestry has heavily transcribed the Scottish Census records to ensure you have access to all key areas of information contained within this collection." Progress not prefection!  Perhaps I will have to go right to Girvan and check things out myself next year!  :-)

Nora L MARTIN. Born on 10 Dec 1850 in Rosendale Fond Du Lac County Wisconsin. When Nora L was 21, on 23 Oct 1872 she married Andrew Cameron MACRORIE in Springvale, Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin. By 1920 they were living in Davenport Iowa, where Andrew had been a printer. Their Second born son, Rutherford Birchard Hayes Macrorie  (b 1876) who had served in the Phillipines in 1910 as a first Sergeant, was now listed in the 1920 census as being a clerical worker at the Arsenal, which likely is the Rock Island Arsenal in the Mississippi River.

Nora and Andrew's first born son, Howard Cameron Macrorie (b 1875) age 20, married  Lena Magdaline Herzog HARTZHEIM also 20 ,  (born on 2 Jun 1875 ) on 19 Oct 1895  in Oconto Falls, Oconto County, Wisconsin.

Their first daughter, Marvel  Elizabeth MACRORIE was  born on 23 Mar 1898 in Oconto Falls, Oconto County, Wisconsin. On 18 May 1914 when Marvel  Elizabeth was 16, she married Joseph David Blair (b 13 Dec 1886 in Kaukauna Wisconsin) who was 28.

Joseph David Blair is the second son from the left in this photo likely by the hat styles and location taken in the 1920-30's in the Fox River Valley of Wisconsin. . 
His parents Sophia “Sophie” Gerarden and David Louis  Blair are standing behind. The other three sons are L - R Louis Adolph, (2nd Joseph David, Nelson Theodore and Edward Moss.   

Here is Marvel  Elizabeth MACRORIE with Joseph David Blair likely in the 1950's after they had moved and lived around Cloquet MN.  JD Blair as he was known, still has a similar nose like when he was younger above.  He worked in paper mills in the Fox River Valley and then in Cloquet.  
The five daughters of Sophia “Sophie” Gerarden and David Louis Blair. They had a total of 9 children begining with Joseph David "JD" 13 Dec 1886 to Louise, 1907 in the middle with Clara and Vina on the left, and Mary and Luella on the right. 


  1. I am a descendant of Andrew Cameron Macrorie and Nora Martin. My grandfather, Chester Andrew, was their youngest son. I was very interested to read your account.

  2. I am a descendant of Andrew Cameron Macrorie and Nora Martin. My grandfather, Chester Andrew, was their youngest son. I was very interested to read your account.

  3. Hi There, Tom here. Thanks for your comment - I have a family tree that includes the 5 daughters and 3 sons of Andrew Cameron. Please let me know which lineage you are from and I will send you my research - Please Email Tom Weaver