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Pelican Lake Memories Shared in the Era of the On - Line Blog! Key Words and Searches!

Snow and the Jenkins- Haeberle Shed 1970's. Windmill.... Winnie Leonard taught me that this shed was built on the boundary line between the Jenkins (right - N side) and Haeberle (left - S side) when they had a vision to create a boys, "Shattuck Camp" here in Sect 36 Pelican Lakes Twp in the early 20th Century.   The shed was taken down after a garage was build near it in 1982 to honor Paul H Weaver and the boundary line now Leonard- Weaver was changed with a land exchanged as the Weaver's divided up the Palmer Property to exchange lake front for wood land behind the Leanard New cabin.  
I am inspired to write on this blog after a time of meditation in the morning.  Last night I had a dream and vision about how getting to the roots of family love and connection, can happen while affirming our connection through heartfelt genealogy and connection to Nature.  The joy of being in the wood, of discovering a new connection.  Back in 2009 I visited the Mill District Arts Gallery under the direction and vision of a new friend, Xiaosong, "little tree" in Putonghua.  Today I awoke thinking of him and his gift of enthusiasm I witnessed in him and myself that year.  He turns 42 today, and I write this in honor of his sharing back then
Xiaosong, "Steven" Autumn 2009 visiting the Pelican Lake woods in Autumn - enjoyed his enthusiasm for learning back then! 
Trees as Teachers Poetry by mmh...

 Returning to nature to heal.....the trees beg me to walk deeper into the woods...deeper into myself and release all that is untrue.
And at the entry to the Art Exhibit in Dec 2009..and now an inspiration for the Genealogy work I am now envisioning as part of my healing vision for family roots and the values for the next generations. Thanks Xiaosong for the continued dreams kindled during our short time together.  Happy birthday -
  shēngkuài  pengyou Xiaosong. 

Early 1970's aerial photo taken from Rita Orr's private plane, A Mooney flown up from Faribault. She was a member of the 99's, the same group of pioneering woman that includes Betty Wall Strohfus. 
My  good friend and seasoned pilot, Gary Engler of Cold Spring, say of Betty, native of Faribault and whose kids, that walls a guess were brought into the world with my MD father, Paul H Weaver at hand.. Here is link for this amazing woman who lives in Farbault with her son1

Back up in the air  -The Weaver new digs are in the center. White building with beach in front and clearing behind is the main Palmer Cabin the three brothers owned in common at first. 

Early extended family photo, about 1968,Bunny Brick, Melanie's Mom, Harold Williams, Nellie's Williams  dad, Nellie with right hand waving, Jack Weaver left hand waving, Melanie Brick Weaver and Jim Weaver on the front porch of the common Palmer cabin. by TGW

1970 Swimming Beach to the north east,  Bruce Larson and Jim Leonard who both had family cabins to the north and east of the newly purchased Palmer Cabins.  Jim Leonard giving me his view of my taking their photo.  By TGW

Another early visit to Pelican, in 1970 I think, came from the outdoor and adventurous Kaul family of Betty (center) and Tom (Right with chain saw) from Faribault.  They were skiers and were coming back through MN from a skiing jaunt to the to UP of Michigan I recall...and re "Kauling "Faribault and forward thinking folks, the Kaul family occurs to me.  They were part of the Roman Catholic Community, which is strong in Faribault, and learning the issues are beyond any religion... Tom worked at the Faribault Woolen Mill in sales, and their oldest daughter Cassie is with the long blonde hair between.  I had met her again in the Cities in the early 70's and I recall her daughter was older than Betty and Tom's youngest...One is named Posie, I think the Sr Kaul's Youngest..and there seem to be 5 kids here and three parents.  Betty and I worked on an environment group called FACE-Q, that Faribault Area Committee for Environmental Quality and early group to bring recycling and other environmental idea to the people of Rice County.  This movement eventually morphed into River Bend Nature Center as an educational forum for Natural History.  The Weaver family gifted a 16 acre plot to River Bend in honor of Paul H Weaver MD the year after his death in 1982.

My brother Jack, AKA John Eicher Weaver, still with his I think, Irish based red hair, early on worked with his father in law Harold Williams ( from Illinois ) and older brother, Jim AKA James Cowles Weaver to maintain the two Palmer cabins that came from our family purchase in 1967.

Harold using his excellent carpentry skills to be our supervisor on re-roofing and changing the roof lines to avoid water damage.  Jim Weaver smiling from the ladder . Always love the pencil stuffed on his ear! By TGW

Brother Jim with wife Melanie behind, talking with our dad, Pete. Paul Henry Weaver,with his ever present pipe, taking photos of the early years when the Weaver brothers owned the Palmer Cabins together and managed them together.  By TGW
Prior to 1967, I think this is dated 1960, when Jack was a newly licensed drive driving the 1949 Buick Woodie Estate Wagon, sitting on the right....Over on the left with the newer 1958 Mercury is this author, Tom next to oldest brother Jim, who was a student at Carleton College, Northfield and dad, Paul H Weaver. Photo by Peg Weaver on MN Hwy 25 between Becker and Brainerd. By MGW

The site of the above photo by a country school house, Note blackie our black lab mutt from the dog pound in Faribault, my best friend during my Jr and Sr High Days (she always listened and never carried any judgements, unlike some of the two legged I have known :-)

Mid 60's fall gathering at the Sunset Beach cottage of Paul and Margaret Weaver, I sense this is 1965, when Nellie Jane Williams of Monmouth IL and Jack Weaver were dating, with me holding Jack's German Shepard puppy, named Budweiser I recall, and Jim Weaver, with Melanie Brick his finacee' at the time.  Photographer was Paul H Weaver, and Jack and Nellie were married in Illinois the summer of 1969 and Jim and Melanie in Connecticut in the summer of 1966. By PHW

1958 October visit with my dad, to close up the cabin for winter  - Carrying aluminum boats, 14' Crestliner from the Pelican Lake side for storage in the sleeping porch and the lighter 12' from Markee Lake side were part of the process  -Here I am at age 11, leaning against our mailbox --with my short legs and Red Wing Irish Setter Boots from Burkharzmeyer Shoes in Faribault --likely size 11 at age 11
1958 October, Tom Weaver, age 11, with aluminum boat that his dad, Paul H Weaver and he carried from Markee Lake to store for the winter in the family cabin on sunset beach - photo by Paul H Weaver 

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