Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Annual Pre Solstice and Holiday Gathering - St Cloud Weaver Food, Games and Story Telling

Our annual St Cloud Weaver Gathering occurred on Dec 7, 2013 at the home Jesse has worked on for at least four years. Jesse and Amy wanted an Easy Does It time with the family this year, their first after their May Wedding of 2012 and free of renters. Wonderful open energy as the reflection of their growing life together. 

  Jesse with a morning up of coffee, giving me the early tour of his home, my being the first parent on the scene, Here is a moveable cart in the basement that works for him for one of his many computer screens. 
Jesse with coffee in hand, giving me the upstairs tour soon after I arrived. 
 Jess and Amy in the kitchen around 10:30  AM or so, prior to Sue and Nate arriving for preparing for for our easy does it grazing and card playing gathering.   My parents portable roaster from 1945 sitting on the counter with an organic turkey from the Wedge Coop in Minneapolis  I stuffed it with cornbread stuffing at my apartment and started it heating at 4:30 AM, and what a great smell to have in my van. 
Amy was busy, making meringue  whipping egg whites. For her lemon meringue pie - Nice and tart!  Perfect!  Thanks Amy..
   Fun to sit with Amy as she was cooking and noticing her homemade newspaper, cat-resistant Christmas Tree, with mushroom ornaments.  Very sweet. Cool to see the creative art all around . Sitting on the table is the book I made for Jesse on the Macrorie Family history, back to Scotland.  It has not yet occurred to him the source of his middle name!  Great to have the smells of cooking food
 Fun display of photos and artwork in the living room alcove .....

Sue arrived and for a while, Jesse and Tom, Sue and Amy played a game of cribbage and after Nate arrived driving his Jeep, Sue and Nate followed with a game as well. (see in the background Nate is looking a a MacBook with Sue on the couch.   Jesse has several computers and screens around the home,  and he helped me discover that my MacBook  had a bad hard drive.  So wonderful he had a back up he installed in my laptop and I was able to re load all my saved programs and data at home, as I have been using Time Machine to back up my files regularly. Thanks A & J, Amy and Jesse for being such open and generous  hosts again!  
One the table are both genealogy books I created for Nate and Jess, regarding the Blair and Macrorie family trees from their mom's side of the famil.

 Here is a general overview of the kitchen and first floor, with Amy looking her colorful triptych 
 Amy shared her awareness of the element is her evolving art, something about earth, air, fire and water as I recall.  Fun to see her creativity reflected in their home, and such great colours!!

 Amy testing out one of the desserts as Nate and Sue focus on their cribbage gane.
Jesse supports his brother and mom with their cribbage progress..Thanks everyone for the peaceful and healing gathering.  Easy Does it vacation...Glad not to be so tightly wound and less type A...And loving the family stories and connection of genealogy. Mitakuye Oyasin "we are all connected" 

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