Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Carleton College Parents Day 1965 Football, Snake Dance, Tradition? Beanie Hats?

 In the fall of 1965, my parents, Paul H "Pete" Weaver with his camera, and Peg, arrived at Burton Hall. Here I am in a sweater and Eldon J Spencer my roomie, appears to be in a sport coat for the event, in our dorm room with a bay of windows facing east to Willis Hall.
Here I am with my tall lean frame, with a green frosh beanie, with my mom, Peg Weaver, walking from Burton toward Liard Stadium with the West Gym in the background.
 Here are a couple of football teams, red and white and maroon and gold. Somehow I though Carleton was maize and blue.  Perhaps I was unconscious at the time as I have no memory of my parents visiting and taking these photos. Selective memory?
 My dad called this the frosh "snake dance" and a bunch of folks are dressed in white shirts  I did have that silly green beanie on, and really wonder if anyone else remembers this. I remember going to down town Northfield and winding through the Grand Theater...and maybe this was the time...:-) ??
Looks like some one is drumming for us to run down the field........lemmings...:-)??

Looks like the white shirted group is heading south. I see Musser in the background with the South Scoreboard..
 The Carleton Singing Knights have often been known for some ribald humor.  I had forgotten I had cross dressed here in a short skirt for the Parents Day Concert. I had not yet come out to anyone, including myself so this is rather fun.  Dave Peterson with the crutch is also from Faribault and a year ahead of me at Carleton, behind us are Jeff Hoel and Jeff Beckwith I think..
 My dad labeled this is "KEYNOTES -girl's singing group."
 OVERTONES, Male singing group at Great Hall on Parents Day.

 Here is our fully assembled Carleton Singing Knights Group at the Parents Day concert in Great Hall.  Not sure about the red Knights Shirt routine....Knights here are Stu Kendell '67, Jeff Beckwith '67, Tim Gardner '67, Jim Norris (in red) '69, Jeff Hoel '68, Dick Ryberg '69, Tom Weaver '69, John Williams '68, Dave Peterson '68, John Greenman '68

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