Saturday, November 16, 2013

1965 Pelican Lake Milestones for the Weaver Family Cottage on Sunset Beach

"Pete" Weaver, 1965, AKA Paul Henry Weaver MD, took the photographic slides that I recently scanned in for my blog.  Here is a rare spontaneous photo of perhaps Peg taking this photo of him on the front porch with the windows facing the lake, with his ever present pipe. (note the little lid on it held down by magnets, so the ashes won't jump out and burn holes in the fashion materials he is holding!) Actually there are many instances of his burning holes in clothes from errant burning coals-ashes from his pipe.

My mom Peg Weaver in 1965, still with her auburn, reddish hair, working on her favorite hobby in the 60's, collecting and identifying mushrooms. In fact in 1970 she co authored a scientific publication through the Bell Museum at the U of Minnesota, that I will add later. 

Unique to this Sept 1965 gathering was the coming together of both Jack and Jim's fiancées, Nellie Jane Williams from Monmouth IL with red haired Jack Weaver on the left, with Melanie Marie Brick, from Weston-Westport CT on the right with Jim Weaver on the right.  I am the taller brother in the middle, holding Jack's Alsatian, German Shepard puppy, who I believe he named Budweiser after his favorite beer, back in the day.  PHW took this photo at the Pelican Lake cottage back woods near the parking spaces I recall. Photo by PHW
(Note: Jim and Melanie Married the next year, Aug 20, 1966 in Westport CT (As Jim went to Yale in the 60's for his PhD program in Physics, after graduating from Carleton in 1962, and he met Melanie in the east, as she was a graduate of Vassar which had some connection to Yale at the time as I recall. Jack was best man, and Jack and I hitch-hiked and took a Burlington train from Chicago to Winona, and then hitched to Faribault. Jack and Nellie married July 19, 1969 in Monmouth IL, where Jack had attended Monmouth College.   Nellie graduated from Western Illinois University in 1969 in Speech Communications. The author, Tom, served as best man at this wedding) 

Jack Weaver with his car, Ford? with Illinois plates. , with I remember a Fender (Jazzmaster??) Guitar in the truck with me perhaps supervising loading or unloading in back of the cabin. My parents new white Chrysler Station wagon is in the background. 

Nellie Jane Williams and Jack (John Eicher) Weaver by his car Pelican Lake 1965 by PHW

The front porch with its many windows overlooking Pelican Lake to the NNW, was the big social gathering and eating place at the cottage.  I had forgotten about the presence of cigarettes back then and noticed Jack and Nellie (checkered shirts) in the front each have one in their hands.  Melanie and Jim are in the left back, with me (with my mouth open :-)) between Peg, my mom and Nellie on the right. Photo by PHW 1965 Sept

Other spontaneous images on the porch.  Jack, Melanie and Jim. Looks like drinking coffee..

Melanie and Jim wrestling on the porch. More coffee! 

Me taking a home movie (wonder if that is somewhere?) of Nellie and Peg on the porch.

Tom (me) Nellie and Jack, having food and coffee on the front porch, Photo by PHW

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