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Celebrating the Life of Candace "Dacie" Kelley Moses -26 Jan 1883 - 3 Jan 1981 Creating the Album Archives for the Dacie Moses House 110 Union Street Northfield MN

Page one of Dacie Moses, an album
For many years now, I have noticed a family album in the Dacie Moses House, that although accessible, is not archival. That is. the sticky pages and plastic are likely adding to the deterioration of the images.  And many of the images have no identification at all. 

I have worked on my own family genealogy for years and decided to ask the two co-chairs of current Dacie Moses House Committee, Dixon Bond, Carleton '59 and founder of the Carletoons, 1955- 57, and JulieUleberg Swansn, House Coordinator, on Saturday, Oct 19, on parents weekend to begin the project of image identification, scanning and finding an archival album. 

Thanks for your kind attention and consideration in adding to the accuracy of this project for the benefit of future generations of Northfield and Carleton Campus visitors and residents. 

Hopefully this project will capture the spirit and generousity of this loving and tolerant human being, we all know as Dacie, in a good way.  

Already in reaching out to Carleton community member who remembered Dacie, I have had a response from Chris Cohrs Telleen yesterday Class of '69: "I have wonderful memories of Dacie's hospitality.  I always appreciated and admired Dacie, but looking back, I am amazed at how many students she welcomed into her home on a drop-in anytime basis!  I felt free to go there just about any time, as if it were my home, and I know many others did as well.  Quite a phenomenon really."

Dacie Moses Family Photo Album/Archive Project

Tom Weaver, Carleton 1969, the blog creator and author here. I knew Dacie from 4 years as a Carleton Singing Knight from 1965-1969.  We rehearsed in her home, I recall Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday's from 10-11 PM.   There usually were others there playing cribbage with Dacie and cooking chocolate chip cookies and likely chocolate sauce on the stove, to have over vanilla ice cream. 
Of course Dixon Bond, the founder of the Knights was a regular visitor as well, and supported our group of singers from his experience.  Dix and I have kept in touch, and thus on Saturday, Oct 19, 2013,when I  met with Dixon Bond and Julia Uleberg Swanson. the current house coordinator, I began to scan the photos in the present album at a table right in front of the piano as Parents Day folks came through to have cookies, brownies and hot apple cider.  Ah, the spirit of Dacie lives on!!

 Our desire , with this project, is to label as many of the photos as we can over the next few weeks and months, and to replace the album with a more sturdy and archival album soon.  

To learn more about the Dacie Moses House, please visit

 This image has been hanging on the north wall behind where Dacie is sitting at her dining room table for many years.  Dixon Bond, looking down at Dacie,  serving hot beverages, coffee, tea, cider??, was able to date this on Saturday Oct 19th, as 1958 or 1959. The men are all members of the Singing Knights at that time. 
L to R, Bart Campbell, Bob Parsonage, Wayne Penn, Tom Lowe, Dixon Bond, (Dacie) Lance Herrick, Bob Bonebrake and Jerry Swanbeck. 


 Here is a portrait of Roy and Dacie, that was label "Dacie and Roy" with no date.  Perhaps family members would know the date of the this portrait. Roy died July 8, 1960.  

We know this is a project in process, and as Dacie and Roy touched so many lives with their music and community involvement, hopefully people will step up to share their experience from their era knowing Roy and Dacie and the energy that was in the home back then, as well as what continues in the Dacie Moses House today and into the future. 

As an example, here is page 2 of the album.....Please help us out and send any updates-corrections-stories to me at my gmail address.  You can leave comments at the bottom as well and I will access them through Google. 

Dacie Moses Album Page 2 
Here there is no labeling of people in the photo. Some warm place with a palm tree! Also on Page 7, for someone to label...Wonder if that relates to the palm tree..anyone have a clue who this is and when and where?  Back of photo woman and palm tree " "Mary, Mary lost her big one". Mary Who? And Where? When?  See Album Page 7 below>

Dacie Moses Album Page 3
 Dacie Moses Album Page 4
Dacie Moses Album Page 5
Dacie Moses Album Page 6
 Dacie Moses Album Page 7 (Palm Tree,  - Dacie and Roy with 3 others??  Mary ____ from P 2?
 Dacie Moses Album P 8  Patty Wheeler, Mike Blodgett Cake 1964-65?  Others at the table, lower left?

Dacie Moses Album Page 9  Takashi (James - Jim) Kodera '69 with Dacie below.
Upper photos
Dacie Moses Album P 10 1963 Back of threesome photo, upper right "Ed Dahlin (Doline),Polly Nason, Dacie Moses". 

Edward T. Dahlin

 deceased 1958 from

Upper left ____,Polly Nason '62 (McCrea), Dacie, Ed Dahlin '58.

Lower photo, Dacie with African Violets. 

 I was able to verify that indeed, Dacies parents were Duren F Kelley b 16 Nov 1839 - d 23 Nov 1913 and Emma Isabella Rounce b 29 Sep 1846 England d 21 Sept 1927.
 Christmas Card with Roy and Dacie, likely 1950's. 
 Also on page 3, labeled "Emma Kelly (sic) in backseat, Rounce in front" No date or place, note the dog.  Any car experts out there?  Rounce likely around 10 years old.  He was born Dec 1907, so likely in the late teens a century ago.
 Portrait of Dacie's mother, Emma Isabella Rounce, that is framed in the house, and was until Saturday unlabeled.  I used a simple graphite pencil on the back of the frame.  Date of photo?
 Portrait of Dacie's mother, Emma Isabella Rounce, found on page 3 of the album, labeled "Dacie's Mother, Emma Isabella Rounce Kelly (sic) 9/29/1846 - 9/21/1927

 One page 4 of the album this is labeled Roy (sitting) + Rounce (left) . Date, location? Who is the woman there? Dacies mom???  Rounce looks like a teenager?   1920"s

 Dacie Moses Album Page 11 1967 , photo of Dacie by steps 1967, Dacie with couple, on back no names, date Kodak Sept 1963. Names please?
Dacie Moses Album Page 12.   I did find top photo Dacie and Sally Seidel '65, (Ruvelson) who I contacted in St Paul, lower left, also contacted my classmates  Dave Seavey '69, Dace with Apricot Brandy, Chris Cohrs (Telleen) '69. and Dace with her post cataract eye patch, no date or name of Japanese dressed woman...

Dacie Moses Page 13 lower photo 1962.  John Stout '62 front left at the table, woman in red sweater,, , Lee Mauk, '63 far end of table looking at the camera :-) identified others here with support of Barbara Mauk '62. Nov , 2013, standing woman Joyce Lanahan (Fischer) '64,  Dacie in grey suit, two Knights, Peter Baird '63, Jim Lammers '63, with Cecil Hutton Northfield area resident and local singer in bow tie and white shirt.  

 Top photo, Dace with Joyce Lanahan '64. Middle Photo,Dace with Jeff Beckwith '67 (red hair) Carleton Singing Knight, Joyce Lanahan'64, Patty Wheeler Carleton '68??

Dacie Moses Album  Top photo Wedding , no name or date, with Dacie.   Bottom Left, Dacie Moses home in 1964.    Right,  ______, Dacie, Takashi Kodera '69, sitting _______.

P 15,  No labels,  Woman and men.  Kids on couch.

P 16 Christmas Cards  Top no date  1970?  Middle with dress in front Dec 1971, Lower Sept 1972

P 17  Top Woman White Dress, Dacie, "Jan 64", labeled on back Dacie Moses, Polly Nason 62. Dacie in chair labeled back May 1965,  Bottom Dacie and smiling man, no name, until .July 2014 . From Don Sliles July 11, 2014 " Tom:  I'm the smiling bearded guy on p17 of your Dacie album.  I organized her 90th birthday celebration while at Carleton.  Sang with Knights as well.  Unable to get to Monday's funeral for Dixon.  Don Stiles '73"
 p 18 Dacie Fireplace back April 1963, couple with cake, Dacie, names, date/
Dacie with step ladder group, no labels. date,  Group of six women and men, no names or dates.
Page 19   Above, Women in gray and yellow with Dacie, then same women with man? Name and date?  Below Dacie between two tall men,   Below right, man, Dacie, Mike Blodgett?  Class of 1968?

 Page 20 Roy and Dacie Christmas Card ca 1959?   110 Union Christmas Card no date.

P 21 Top 1967 Graduation.   Man ?  Name?  Dacie, John Lemly ?  1967  Mid - Tall man with Dacie day of her Honorary Masters Degree at Carleton ,   Jan 1972, Dacie honored on her Birthday in January, Cribbage Convention.

P 22 Top woman with corsage, Dacie in blue front of 110 Union. need names and date.Top Right Dacie with two smiling woman, corsages, dated March 1975. Emily Hoel '70 and Tom Moore '69 per Emily "wedding and reception were in Evans Lounge on Dec. 12, 1969." Dacie in blue dress.
Woman in pink dress and Dacie, church basement no date, name.

P 23  Dacie, John Lemly '67 ? Woman?   Dacie with furniture in attic, where?
Dacie, April 1963 with child, Musser Hall in background. 

p 24 top  date?     woman ?,   Roy Moses,  Dacie Moses.   Living room 110 Union.
bottom date?   Dacie between two young women, not labeled . 110 Union front steps.


p 25  top 110 Union winter, (no date)
bottom 110 Union from South, summer  (no date)

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