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New Life!!Pelican Lake 1981-82 Time of Transition with the Passing of Paul H Weaver MD

Here is Grandma Peg, the spring of 1982, after her husband passed over in January 1981. New life after death is a long used metaphor.  Like metamorphosis, the butterfly emerges from the sleeping Cocoon.    
Peg developed a great sense of humor as she showed here in a spring nature walk we took in  the spring of 1982.  Sue Weaver is just behind.  Our trusty Rambler Station wagon we purchased from Dr Dennis Anderson, professor at the College of St Scholastica in Duluth in the late 1970's.  

Sue and Nate Weaver on the antique rocking horse at Grandma Peg's in 1982.
As Jim Weaver moved to the east coast in the 1970's, his family often arrived by airplane to vacation at Pelican Lake Crow Wing Co.  Here in 1981 are Val, Ken and Melanie arriving in Brainerd on the "Blue Goose" the nick name for Republic Airlines who flew to smaller cities back in those days. 

Pelican Lakes "sugar" beach sand continues to be an attraction for the next generations.  Here is a photo by Paul H Weaver of his grandkids on the beach in 1981.  Kris Weaver, Val Weaver and John Weaver.  In these days, the Wisconsin Weaver, Jack, Nellie, Kris and John would drive up from West Bend Wisconsin to visit Harold Williams, Nellie's dad who built his retirement home on the big lake. 

Kris, Val and John looking at granddad Pete with his camera !

Harold Williams, Nellie's dad, liked to fish and here is his pontoon boat on Pelican in 1981 with Jack Weaver, Cousins Kris and Val, Nellie and John Weaver putting on the life preservers for a trip out onto the big lake. 

Val, John and Kris looking at granddad. 
John E Weaver, with crayons on Peg Weaver's hooked rug, 1981.

Group Weaver family photo late summer of 1981 at Peg and Pete's home.,Left to right, Tom Weaver, this writer (full beard), Sue Weaver holding Nathan, Harold Williams, Peg Weaver, Jack Weaver, Pete (Paul Henry) Weaver, Valerie Weaver, Nellie Jane Williams Weaver, Kristin Weaver, Jim, Melanie, Ken and John Weaver. 

Nellie, Val and Melanie at Peg and Pete's late summer 1981. 
Sharing a pot luck meal is a long term tradition at Pelican Lake.  Here on the front porch of Pete and Peg's lake cottage in 1981 are Harold Williams, Sue Weaver behind, John Weaver,  Pete Weaver at far end,  Melanie dark hair,  Kris from behind blonde hair, Nellie and Jack Weaver...

Sue Weaver (behind) John and Val riding on Jim Weaver'a back with Ken Weaver on Peg's hooked rug late summer 1981.

Tom Weaver with Nathan, Jim and Ken Weaver with PH Weaver behind, late summer 1981.

I could tell that granddad Pete, AKA Paul H Weaver was having lower and lower energy in 1981, and grateful for the only series of photos with Nathan, here with his mom, Sue, later in 1981.  Sue and I came back to Pelican in the fall.....and in the winter Dec - Jan when Granddad was diagnosed with bowel cancer, inoperable in Jan 1982 and he passed over in late January. 

Nate Weaver with grandma Peg. 

One of the last photos in 1981 of Peg and Pete at the heat -a-later fireplace in their cottage I think taken by their good friend Ralph Jackson.. 

Peg Weaver with bearded Tom Weaver at the large Weaver- Palmer cabin fall of 1982 photo taken by Ralph Jackson...after the memorial service for Paul H Weaver.  

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  1. I am looking for family of Harold Williams! I vacationed at his cabin as a kid my dad helped him build the dock one summer he was my great great uncle! I would love to find out if the family stills owns the cabin.