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Carleton Singing Knights - History and Stories - In the spirit of music, humor and Dacie Moses 1957 - today

Singing Knights Crest, 1984 back of Knights Handout, 12 pages given out at the 50th Anniversary gathering and concert Music Hall March 4, 2006. 

Tom Weaver here, Carleton Knight 1965-69.  It occurred to me that labeling all the photos in Dacie's home, and albums would add to the history and provide archives to see into the various iterations of the Dacie Moses House Experience.  Without the support of those who have gone before and after, my 4 years, it would be impossible to capture the essence and spirit that continues at 110 Union!  Thanks for your support and feedback and ongoing contributions....Tom W Nov 23, 2013

In the center of this photo, are two key figures in the growing legend of the Carleton Singing Knights. The first, Dixon Bond, '59 is looking down at the matriarch of 110 Union Street, to the second, Candace Moses, AKA"Dacie" to all of us.  This fall, I pulled down this photo from the north wall of Dacie's dining room and asked Dix to name the men here. Dix is the walking repository of Knights Lore and I sense it is very important to create a living story for this ever evolving tradition in a 21st century format.  So here is my intro to the Knights Blog page! 
 In 1958-9 the Knights circling Dacie L -R: Bart Campbell, Bob Parsonage, Wayne Penn, Tom Lowe, Dixon Bond,

(Dacie)  , Bob Bonebrake  and Jerry Schwanbeck
 I drafted the support of Polly Nason McCrae and Barbara Mauk from the class of '62, to name the folks on this color photo from 1959-60.  Roy Moses died in July of 1960 and we surmised the date of this photo and the names, Knights standing L -R, Tom Beech '61, John Beal ' or George Sweazey, 62, Larry Dry '61, Parker Palmer, '61, Bill Brown '62, Walter Soderlind '60, John Schwartz '62, Larry Gregg '61. Sitting:  Jay Austin, _____, Dacie and Roy Moses, Norma Austin and Liz Gardner '61, who had been dating Tom Beech at the time. Note from Barbara "Jay was the manager of the Carleton bookstore and the sponsor of the Knights. He was also the director of the Northfield Men's chorus that practiced at Dacie's house for years. Roy sang in it and it was great entertainment for him as he became blind. Dacie always prepared coffee and treats and then went off to the library to work."
Please add comments below and I will edit and update and give credit to the source.

1982 Dacie's Dining Room Table,  John Stout '62 front left at the table, with red shirted woman?_____,Lee Mauk '63,  standing Joyce Lanahan (Fischer) '64  Dacie in gray dress. Peter Baird '63,  Jim Lammers '63, Cecil Hutton, white shirt and bow tie. Thanks to Barbara & Lee Mauk for the ID's here for their era. 

1967 Album At 110 Union Street, Dacie Moses House. L-R John Williams, Mike Okada, Jeff Beckwith, Paul Kedrok, Tom Weaver, Jim Norris, Jeff Hoel, Dacie Moses, Dick Ryberg, Dave Peterson, John Greenman. 

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