Friday, September 17, 2010

Ventures to Connecticut and Rhode Island

On Wednesday morning I took the train to meet Carleton classmate Harry McLachlan in Darien and we promptly drove by Westport-Weston, where my brother Jim married back in the 60's, to meet our fellow classmate Burt Saxon in Milford. Here is Burt with his "rogues gallery" of photos in his upper room, that includes a photo of him with George W Bush in the white house where he was honored at CT Teacher of the Year. (He was coached not to bring up the "war".) Burt mentioned that he was connected to Yale, GW's alma mater, where Burt has given talks in 11 out of the 12 Yale Colleges over the years.

Here are Burt and Harry, in front of the home Burt lives in near Long Island Sound. He describes the governance as a borough and how he has been active in the community for several years.

Here are Harry and Burt overlooking the Borough of Woodmont's beach. Quite idyllic on this day!

After a lunch at the local Japanese Wasabi Restaurant in Milford, we headed to the Yale Campus and visited the Art Museum. Here are a couple of iconic views of the campus.

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