Friday, September 17, 2010

New York City Ground Zero and Brooklyn Travels

On a sunny Tuesday, I ventured from the Upper West Side to the Ground Zero Site to see what is going on. Humming activity here with construction. When I walked to the controversial mosque development site at 51 W Broadway, I was grateful to see there was NO drama being acted out there today. Grateful for the very helpful NYPD folks and all.

I walked east to the 911 Memorial Planning site just across the street from the church here, St Paul's Chapel. Here I saw the current vision of what is being built on the site and what it might look like.

This iron cross memorial is on the street nearby. I sense a lot of New Yorkers are going back to business as usual nine years after the plane hit the towers.

From here I walked to the City Hall area at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge on this blue sky day.

I am struck by the blend of greenery and the image of this stone towered suspension bridge that was the first of
its kind in the history of bridge engineering!

I bit of drama began here as a helicopter and emergency vehicles headed onto the bridge. I kept walking not wanting to be a “gawker” when at the Brooklyn End one of the traffic officers (from the Dominican Republic) said a guy climbed out like he was going to jump and they talked him down.

After a great lunch at RICENY in the art area of Brooklyn near the water, Matthew Heckart and I went to view the bridge from below. Here is a photo of Matthew who recently received a monetary award to finish his Masters work. Really wonderful he has been award for his advocacy for GLBT amnesty work. Check out the link to to learn more - Way to go Matthew!

Lastly is the photo he took of me!

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