Friday, September 17, 2010

St Mark's in the Bowery with Mike Relyea

Back in Manhattan, I visited St Mark’s in the Bowery with Mike Relyea who has served as an Episcopal minister here over the years. Peter Stuyvesant, Founder of New Amsterdam is buried here and here is a bust of the guy. Mike thinks his nose and face are reminiscent of his speech teacher at Faribault High School, Ed Silvis. Ed was a good friend of my parents.

Here is Mike, seated on the west side of the church wherehe says the placement of ashes after services is still happening in the earth.

Mike’s wife, Marlena, says "The Native American Madonna was designed and drawn on the wall by a church member
Duane Stapp. I motivated his research and filled in the colours." Marlena is originally from Germany.

Here is Mike again on the east side with a colleague at St Marks.

Here is the farmers market in front of the church that we passed through on our way to the subway and Forrest Hills in Queens

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