Monday, September 13, 2010

Sept 4 Work Day - St Cloud Family Home

On my way north Saturday Sept 4, Sue had asked me to work with Jesse and Nate to clean out the gutter on the house and put back the big planter that was knocked off the front porch by local revelers. Here are Jesse and Amy looking back at the ladder we set up from the view of the back yard,

Amy, Jesse and Sue steadying the ladder extended for me to remove the plants and debris in the gutter.

Nate, Sue and feline with Amy support at dining room table prior to going to the porch to replace the planter.

Jesse in the living room sharing in his dance and eagerness to get on with the work at hand.

Here are Amy, Sue and Jesse surveying the damage and the flower urn on the porch.

Susannah, Jesse and Nate getting ready to put the flower urn back on the porch pedestal.

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  1. It's truly nice to see a family helping each other out, especially when it comes to house matters. You are lucky to have kids that you can count on, whatever their ages are. And they are luckier to have parents like you, both, that teach and show them good characters, which they obviously adopted growing up. I hope all is well for your home now, and that you are not having any trouble with it.

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