Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Santa Barbara The Boulevard and Hotel Potter 1920 Emma Glessner to HC Glessner

Postmarked Apr 12 1920 Los Angeles addressed to HC Glessner Glessner Co, Findlay OH "Monday April 12 - A card from Aunt Minnie this morning telling us Aunt Julia failing fast. Heart and kidney trouble. Dad out playing golf. Mother. "
Likely Minnie is Aramintha younger sister of Emma relating to Julia their older sister who was married to a Mr Hall.

From In 1904, the 360 Palms were planted along Las Palmas and Marina Drives. In 1902 the 600-room luxury Potter Hotel opened with a green, nine-hole golf course near Laguna Blanca. The Potter's opening ended plans for another Hope Ranch hotel and home site sales proceeded. The Pacific Improvement Company decided to hire real estate agent Harold Chase. In 1908, he spearheaded the effort, but it was so far in the country in horse and buggy days that it failed to attract buyers. Full-scale lemons, walnuts, hay, grain and lima bean farming continued.
The Potter Hotel's failure prompted the golf course closing in 1914. Then, in 1919, the Pacific Improvement Company sold out to an East coast financier, Maurice Heckscher. He attempted to auction off the ranch as 50' by 100' lots. Fortunately, when the auction didn't produce the desired response, Heckscher sold 835 choice acres to Chase, who then promoted the area as a suburb for upper-income people. More roads were built, wells were drilled, an additional 1200 acres were purchased to create Hope Ranch Annex, and estates began construction. Chase put his stamp on the modern Hope Ranch for the next 40 years.

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