Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Great Incline Mt Lowe - 1918 Levi Ross to HC Glessner -Alpine Lodge - Mt Lowe CA 1920 Emma C Glessner to Mr-Mrs HC GLessner

Dated July 10 1918 Addressed to Harry C Glessner 1228 S Main St Findlay OH "Dear Harry, This is my 83rd birthday month and the weather is ideal. Wish all 'you all' were here to enjoy it with us. All is war and -- Germans keep mum. Our brave Yankee boys will carry the war right into Berlin and bring the beast to his knees." (No signature, discerned by his handwriting to be that of Levi Ross)

Here is the card postmarked Apr 3, 1920 Los Angeles 3 CAL to Mr and Mrs H C Glessner 1228 South Main St, Findlay OH from Emma C Glessner "Dorothy is in the city today ------going----to the park to meet her Aunt Lillie- Julia and the boys are going too----San Bernadino---and go up to Mt Robido (sic) for coming Easter service. Mother "
From www.mtlowe.net
" At the turn of the 20th Century, Rail Power was the dominant means of transportation. Professor Thaddeus Lowe, who moved to Pasadena in the 1880's decided to make use of the rail lines to build a special Railway, a Hotel, and a Tavern in the mountains. The history of Mt. Lowe can be read in some of the articles contained in these pages.
Against many odds the vision of Mr. Lowe, a former Ballonist in the Civil War, (appointed by President Abraham Lincoln), came to reality, and the world witnessed on July 4 of 1893, the opening of the Echo Mountain hotel at the top of the Great Incline. About 2 years later there would be another building, the Alpine Tavern, built higher up at the foot of Mt. Lowe along a trolley route. People ventured from all corners of the earth to see for themselves, and take a ride on the "Railway to the Clouds". This one act created a phenomenon that put Pasadena on the map and became world famous."

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