Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Busch Sunken Garden Pasadena CA 1918 Frances to HarryCGlessner

Postmark Apr 24 1918 "Dear Harry, Do you remember seeing these wonderful Busch Gardens when here? Have not heard from Ross for ten days. Last letter written March 21st day the drive started. Going to take about a 70 mile drive this eve after an early dinner Wendell had an accident with his car out in the country Sunday - we go for it tonight. How is everybody? Frances"
Mailed to Mr Harry C Glessner 1028 So Main, Findlay Ohio

Chappelear Family Connections: Frances is likely the daughter of Aremintha "Minnie" Chappelear b 11/1/1857 Ohio d. 6/8/1922 Fellows CA who married Harvey Jerome Smith b 10/18/1845, Frances was born 1/13/1879 in Sedalia MO. Ross is likely Ross Chappelear Holmes b 4/2/1888 Los Angeles CA 5th child of Matilda Chappelear and Humphrey P Holmes. Ross had a brother, Oliver Wendell Holmes b 7/20/1886 in McLean Co IL, who likely was the driver of the car.,_California ",_California "The first Busch Gardens was in Pasadena. It opened in 1905 and closed to the public in 1937. During its time, it was one of the major tourist attractions in the Los Angeles area and offered many unique gardens and fairyland landscapes and structures. It was used as a location for several Hollywood motion pictures. After 1937 and the Second World War, much of the land was developed for homes. Close inspection of the area can still reveal many of the original river rock walls and structures"

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