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Weaver Family Faribault MN 1963-66 Slide Transparencies - Jack and Jim returning from college for Holidays Peg Weaver's Typing and Mushroom Hobby

 Here in the season of 1966, are this author, Tom Weaver with his older brother Jack, the red head who returned from Monmouth College in Illinois after leaving Faribault in the fall of 1961 when he graduated from high school at age 17.  Here I am at age 19, my freshman year at Carleton with Jack still 3 1/2 years my senior, at age 23 with the bond street pipe tobacco our father smoked, next to the small artificial Christmas tree set up on the speaker cabinet Jack made in shop class. 
 1966 Both brothers with our addictive drinks  of choice.  Me with the 8 pack of Pepsi Cola bottles in the background, and likely some Canada Dry hard liquor mix behind and Jack with a red and white can of classic Budweiser beer, that soon became his regular alcoholic drink..

Tom (19)  sitting in the kitchen, with the yellow paint (Peg Weaver's favorite color to brighten things up) with Jack reaching for a cigarette in his pocket.  Jack (23)  continued the family smoking tradition, Marlboro I recall,  as modeled by both of our parents, mom having smoked 3/4 pack of Phillip Morris most of the years and dad, a pipe with Bond Street Tobacco.
 Peg Weaver, our mom, with a glass of wine (often my dad's Italian Swiss Colony Muscatel, a sweet dessert wine) next to the 1945 vintage roaster for a turkey. Making gravy for the mashed potatoes traditional in my fathers German family.

1966 "Pete "Paul H Weaver MD, my dad with Peg Weaver with a turkey fresh out of the roaster.

 From the transparency slides of my parents, Paul H "Pete" and Margaret "Peg" G Weaver I just discovered a box in storage while doing spring cleaning and clearing from 1959 into the 70's

Fall 1963 family dog Blackie, with Jack Weaver and his Pontiac with Illinois plates.   I remember his driving up from Monmouth IL for holidays.  Also took the train...

Jack Weaver, age 20 with his mom, Faribault driveway with his Pontiac car. 

Fall 1963 Jack, dad, Paul H "Pete" , and Tom Weaver.   Driveway Faribault with Jack's Pontiac
December 1963 Jack and Jim Weaver at the Rock Island Depot with Jack's Guitar and luggage.  Flash photo by PH Weaver
 Weaver family Dec 1963, Paul H "Pete". Jim, Peg, Tom and Jack.  Living room, note Christmas tree in the doorway mirror .  Ages 53, 23, 53, 16 and 20. Note the slide projector with the yellow Kodak Slide Boxes in front of my dad on the right.  We had a tradition of making slide shows and sharing of our travels and how life occurred to us.  Jim returned from Connecticut where he was attending Yale University, a tradition in the "Cowles" side of the family.  Jack returned from Illinois where he was attending Monmouth College. 

 1962, Jim Weaver's Chevrolet (early 1950's model)  that I remember he got from NSP as a used car.  I remember driving with him in such a car, in 1962 after he graduated from Carleton College to find lodge in New Haven CT, where he entered Yale University Grad School in Physics.

Peg Weaver's Ability to Type and Write.   Stamp Collecting and Mushroom Hobbies 

My mom, Peg Weaver, was a very efficient typist.  The story I heard, is that during the great depression of the 1930's she could not get a job with a BA in Art History at Oberlin, and thus she took some basic secretary courses in Columbus and landed herself a variety of jobs.  In her words from Rememberings p 29-30

"Deciding that I could probably get a better job if I could do shorthand as well as typing, I enrolled part-time at a business school while continuing my job at the YW. I had learned to type after my parents gave me a little, blue, Royal, portable typewriter with elite type for a high school graduation present. With the understanding that I would learn touch-typing, I enrolled, with Sarah Hartman and some other high school classmates, in a summer typing course at Findlay College. Typing papers in college provided practice. I passed the civil service exam, typing the required number of words per minute and taking shorthand satisfactorily, eventually leading to a job at Ohio State University.

Following that job, I worked full-time in the State Office of theYMCA, where I typed, took short hand, mimeographed -- and worked overtime. I continued to live at the YWCA, which was convenient and inexpensive.

Pete Weaver and I met at a symphony concert! Ty and I had had season tickets for a concert series and, one time when she wasn't able to go to a concert, she gave her ticket to Pete, thinking that he and I might hit it off -- and we did, although when he left me after the concert, he knew me only as "the red-headed roommate "

When my mom, got interested in mushrooms, and that started as early as 1960, when she was 50 "John F. Kennedy became President in 1960. I remember where I was when he was shot -- in the library of the Department of Plant Pathology at the University of Minnesota. I was copying information about mushrooms while Pete was attending a continuing education medical course in the Medical School. "

Peg Weaver 1961, age 51, typing with a manual typewriter.  I think the book on the table with a orange and black cover as a copy of The Mushroom Hunter's Field Guide. (1958, 1963) by Alexander Smith of the University of Michigan.

 Later Peg was to study with one of Dr Smith's colleagues, Bob Schaeffer at the U of Michigan Field Station. 
 In 1963, here is Peg with the first electric typewriter I remember her having.   She made the breakfast room into her office, where she kept up correspondence with mycologists throughout the world. 

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