Monday, April 20, 2015

Ancestral Hospitality in Southington- Plantesville CT - Mary and Dave Potter the hosts at Josiah Cowles Place!

I traveled from Cold Spring NY and the MKP NWTA weekend, to a quiet respite here in the hills of Connecticut last evening, April 19.    I had contacted Mary Potter some weeks ago by phone and email, as I had be doing family genealogy research on the Cowles lineage, and I had found a reference to the Captain Josiah Cowles Home that was available as a B& B on line. He was a soldier for the colony of Connecticut in the Revolutionary War, and my 5th great grandfather - I am the 8th Generation from 1) Josiah - Through son 2) Gamaliel Cowles, then 3) Leanard Hamlet Cowles, attorney and early state legislator in Ohio, married Lucy Bixby (Moses Byxbe her father founded the town of Delaware Ohio) - 4) daughter Georgiana Cowles married Lewis Glessner in Delaware, and 5) son Leonard Cowles Glessner m Emma Chappelear, and 6) son Harry Chappelear Glessner m Inez Chase and 7) daughter Margaret Glessner m Paul H Weaver to me 8) Thomas Glessner Weaver

  Dave Potter met me in the dusk when I parked my car  in one of the ample parking spaces. And after I got settled in the room in the upper right of this photo, he offered me a piece of chocolate cake, homemade with a welcome glass of milk, before I retired to a hot shower.
 Monday morning in the spring rain, my Minnesota Van parked in the driveway parking space, bike on the back.

Mary and Dave Potter, with their welcoming smiles and breakfast made to order with local maple syrup!   And plenty of good coffee too.

After breakfast, Mary took me in her car to the Quinnipiac Cemetery just down the road, about a block and direct me to the gravestones of my 7th and 6th generation ancestors. 

Here is the author, with the red stone grave marker of Gamaliel, B July 12, 1742 and died age 45, on the left, and Josiah's marker on the right.  It was Gamaliel's son, Leonard Hamlet Cowles , who studied law at Yale, and moved to the new state of Ohio, to the area around Delaware, where his daughter Georgiana Cowles,  married Lewis Glessner, my great grandfather on my mom's side of the family tree . (Photo by Mary Potter)

 Josiah Cowles gravestone in the Quinnipiac Cemetery. 1716 - 1783
 Gamaliel  Cowles gravestone in the Quinnipiac Cemetery.  

Captain Josiah Cowles Place at 184 Marion, just a couple of minutes off of I 84, easy to find even in the dark!  

Contact information for Mary and Dave Potters hosts.  

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