Monday, April 20, 2015

Journey to Cold Spring NY, Surprise Lake Camp for GBTQA Rainbow Initiation Weekend.

On my way to staff my 4th Gateway as a volunteer for MKP International ,  I stayed in Middletown NY on Wednesday night after visiting with Jeff Thursday in Scranton PA where he shared great Sushi with me and then drove me on a tour of Scranton, the area of his birth and where he raised is family.   He is one of the owners of Master Supplements, the MN Company that created a line of high quality probiotics and enzymes that I worked with as an educator about all the friendly small allies humans have in our guts!  Thanks Jeff, and I forgot to take photos I was having so much fun.
From Middletown just into NY, I drove east toward Bear Mountain.  Here is the Bear Mountain Bridge on the Hudson, I crossed seen in the morning on the east side.

Driving north to the quaint town of Cold Spring where I had a Cafe Latte and a great chat with a woman who is finishing her Phd.
REI tent where I stayed close to Mother Earth with my trusty Dodge Caravan pony on the Camp Lake Surprise site, looking west with the morning sun on the hills.

The main lodge at camp Lake Surprise.  Lots of Jewish history here.  Eddie Cantor  
Learning about the Hebrew Language at this 100 yr old Jewish family Camp.
Ceremonial time piece to keep us on schedule for the weekend in front of the
Main lodge of the Camp Surprise Lake site where the weekend took place.

 Here is the inipi site where I was a leader to honor the men for their transformative work during the Gateway NTWA! Water buckets to put out a fire quickly as there was increased fire danger this past spring.  Happy to report, safety as well maintained!!! Fine memories of staffing with men from all over North America!  And now looking back from August, quite a time here in the US of A to celebrate more rights for gay men to marry! 

For the history of this camp, please check out

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