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Johnson Family Photos Edward and Jennie Johnson Descendants - Visit to Ron and Dolores Sedo Jan 14, 2015 - Grandma Rehbein - AKA Jennie M Lehman Janczewski photos from Richard Sedo

Recently I have been working on the genealogy of the Johnson Family.  Enjoyed visiting Ron and Dolores Sedo in Appleton yesterday.  Ron is the oldest son of Jane Dolores Johnson. Jane was the younger sister of Ralph Johnson,  the father of Susan, the grandfather of my sons.  Jane  was born 
 1 Apr 1920 in  Kaukauna, WI to Jennie (nee Cook -Babino)  and Ed Johnson.  I remember, Sue,   Susan E Johnson, the mother of  our sons, Nate and Jesse Weaver,  reflected often when we were at cabins in the north, that she remembered how kind Ronny Sedo was during their shared family vacations.   Ralph William Johnson,   b. 9 Mar 1918, Kaukauna, WI was two years older than Jane.  I am Grateful that Ron has several albums of family photos that include Sue, and her family as she was raised in Little Chute, nearby to Appleton where her cousins the Sedo family lived.  Ron remembered the times they vacationed as families and had photos from the early  1950's and supported me in labeling these photos. 

 CA 1939 Jenny, Sally, Ralph and Ed Johnson, out hunting. 

 CA 1941  Dolores Blair Johnson (b Feb 1920), Ralph Johnson (b Mar 1918)  and Sally Mae Johnson (b Dec 1929) - Bridge over water?

Here in 1966, at S Lawe Ave Home Appleton are Jennie and Ed Johnson. .  From archives of Ron Sedo scanned by Tom W Jan 14, 2015. Jenny and Ed are  parents of 5 Johnson Children, Lucille I, b 1914, Clifford Edward, b 1915, Ralph William 1918, Jane Dolores 1920 and Sally Mae, 1929. 
In a series of summer of 1950 photos, Ron identified Ralph Johnson, Norbert Sedo, with son Richard, Susan Johnson with mother Dolores Blair Johnson at Lake Michigan Beach near Two Rivers WI. 
 Norbert Sedo, Ralph Johnson, Susan and Dolores Johnson grass with picnic and at the beach. 1950
 1950 Ronny Sedo with Ralph and Susan Johnson at the Two Rivers Beach Lake Michigan

CA 1950 Dolores, Susan and Ralph Johnson picnic on Two Rivers Beach Park, Lake Michigan.

 1950 Susan Johnson (b Feb 1948) and Richard "Ricky" Sedo (b July 1947) picnic cooler by Two Rivers Park, Lake Michigan .
 1952 Bearskin Lake WI, Fishing Susan Johnson, Ralph Johnson, Ricky and Ronny Sedo. Dock at resort with 2 bamboo cane poles.

CA 1953-54 Bearskin Lake WI, Ronny, Ricky Sedo, Ralph and Susan Johnson in boat fishing. 
 1954 CA  Bearskin Lake Resort?  Kurt Johnson (b Dec 1952)  by tree during Sedo Johnson Family Vacation.
 1949 Ronny Sedo, with Norbert Sedo, Louie Jankowski, later husband of Grandma Rehbein pictured near Waupaca King's Veterans Home.
 Louie Lewis Janowski and Grandma Rehbein.  1950's at 1309...?
 Grandma Jennie "Cook" Babino wife of Ed Johnson, with her biological mom, Grandma Rehbein mid 1950's.

 CA 1950  Grandma Rehbein, Edward and Jenny Johnson, visited at King's Veteran's cottage home, Waupaca WI.
June 1952 Waupaca King's Veterans Home Louie Janczewski
, Richard and Ron Sedo, Jane Johnson Sedo and Grandma Rehbein. 

May 1948, Grandma Rehbein age 73, from Ron Sedo's Archives, Appleton WI

 While I was sitting in Ron and Dolores' kitchen at the table, Ron discovered he had 2 important documents about his mom,  Here is her birth certificate, born April 1, 1920, Kaukauna, verifying Ed Johnson and Jennie Ba____sp? now of Kaukauna as her parents. Born Jennie born in Bear Creek, Ed in Chicago.

 And here on Oct 5, 1920 Jane Dolores Johnson's parents are Edward Johnson and Jennie (nee) Cook and sponsors Herman Rhebein and Mrs Herman Rhebein.

Oral tradition through Ron, has it that Jennie was born out of wedlock to Grandma Rehbein  with a man who was a police man around Bear Creek. and no one knew her maiden name or first name . Ron is aware that a man named Cook adopted Jennie who had 3 kids, Herman, Bernie and Mabel. Here one the birth cert looks like Balisea and the name Babino which could with a cursive "b", may be an attempt to write Babineau, which may be a French Spelling. 

More may be revealed :-)

And indeed, more is being revealed.  Thanks to the work of Sue's cousin Ricky, AKA Richard Sedo..
 sent the photos below the last day of Sept 2015,  with documentation of the resting place of Grandma Rehbein,  born Jennie Marie Lehman .  My research thus far, has included a lot of work on, with the Cook, Babino, Rehbein and Johnson families.  Recent discovery of Deer Creek Twp of Outagamie Co, where in Sect 20 -29 near Bear Creek has the land around 1900-1910 owned by LA Babino, a variety of Lehman's in the neighorhood.  Note just east of Bear Creek Village-Town in Sect 20 + 29 The Lehman and Babino names.  Also Bricco (French spelling is Bricault). I lot of French Canadian Catholics here. 

Note the family names here in Deer Creek Township near Bear Creek, Babino, Cook and Lehman all live in the sections 20 and 29  :-)

Today, I am grateful to Richard Sedo, son of Jane D Johnson Sedo and grandson of Jennie Babino Cook, great grand son of Grandma Rehbein, AKA Jennie Marie Lehman Janczewski.

Gravestones of Louis Janczeweski and Jennie M Janczewski at King WI Veterans Cemetery.  Sept 2015 by Richard Sedo.

Lines of veteran graves at King WI, Central Wisconsin Veterans Cemetery.

Richard Sedo, great grandson, through Jennie Babino Cook Johnson of Jennie Marie Lehman Rehbein Janczewski.


One of the siblings of Jennie Babino Cook, a 1/2 brother was Herman Cook.  Here is a photo from Ron Sedo's album label "Uncle Herman Cook Hunting Shac

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