Monday, January 5, 2015

Honoring my young pengyou, friend, "Tony" Chaoyang from Nanjing -谢谢 你 Thank you .xie xie ni. Reflections of Shanghai and China

Recently I heard the news of a tragedy in Shanghai, for the Celebration of the New Year here,  not the traditional Chinese New Year, rather a gathering of young people and when some 30 or more people died when the crowd surged. He is what I read on the Wall Street Journal blog...
After meeting me at the Nanjing train station, earlier in the week in Sept 2011, where Tony guided me to the purple mountain and the Mauseleum of Dr Sun Yet Sen, founder of the Chinese Republic I had learned so much about with my Chinese stamp collection as a boy, Chaoyang, a grad student in computer soft ware, led us to the famous Bund on the west side, Puxi, of the River in Shanghai, the business center of China, the their New York .  I remember so well the color of the flowers and the gentle kindness of Tony, a young men who I met on line, who has similar interests and thus agreed to be my tour guide for 3 days and such a delightful introduction to the young people of this emerging nation.   Xi xi ni  谢谢 你, friend 朋友
 Hi is a photo of me, standing with the famous Bund Buildings in the background.

 And here at the beautiful flowers that were present for us the day Tony led me here, first on the train from Nanjing to Shanghai, and then the subway to walk to the Bund on Puxi.
 Tony musing over the river that has played such a big part in the history of this great city of Shanghai.

We happened along here to listen to an English speaking tour guide who pointed out the various buildings.
And as we walked along the Bund, our eyes were drawn to Pudong, east of the river, where the tall buildings have been built recently.   

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