Wednesday, January 21, 2015

1981 Pelican Lake Weaver Family Connections - Another privotal year for the family Mobile

As I look back, 1981 is a pivotal year for the Weaver family mobile, at the evolving Pelican Lake Cabins.  Looking back from 2015 - 34 years later, how precious are the images for those who continue to return to the Lakes and Waters of Crow Wing County.  

 Aug 1981 Sunset Beach Cabin of Peg and Pete Weaver.  L- R Tom with Camp Superkids T Shirt (Took kids to Camp Widjiwagen BWCA with asthma that summer, Sue holding Nathan, 3 mo, Melanie from MA, Peg whose home this was taken in, Harold Williams from Illinois, Jack who worked for Stor Dor (intermodal shipping), "Pete" Paul H Weaver, who was feeling low energy, and early in 1982 was diagnosed with cancer , Val, Kris, Nellie, Jim holding Ken (15 mo) John. By TGW

1981 Aug, Val, Ken, Melanie Weaver, Brainerd airport, Republic Airlines, flying in from Boston MA, by PHW
1981 Front Porch Sunset Beach cottage of P & P.  Harold Williams, Sue Weaver, John Weaver, Pete Weaver, Jim, Melanie, Ken, Kris, Nellie and Jack.   Enjoying a meal on the front porch the traditional summer gathering place at the cottage built in 1947.
 1981, John Eicher Weaver II, on the hooked wool rug that Peg Weaver designed and  hand made in Faribault 1950- 1955.
 Aug 1981, Nellie Jane Williams Weaver, Valerie Brick Weaver, Melanie Brick Weaver sunset Beach cottage.
 1981 Pelican sand beach, Kris, Val and John Weaver 
 1981  Tom with Nathan Blair Weaver, age 3 mo, Jim with Kenneth Glessner Weaver, age 15 mo. PHW in background, photo by SEW.

 1981 Pontoon Boat, at Harold Williams cabin area, Jack, Kristen, Val, Nellie and John head out into the Pelican Lake waters....By PHW
Aug 1981 Sunset Beach cabin, Sue, John, Val, Jim Weaver giving horsy back rides with Ken looking on. 

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