Monday, September 8, 2014

Ohio State University - Campus in 1935 Where Paul H Weaver and Margaret M Glessner met

 1935 Paul Henry and Edna E Weaver stepping out of a car on the OSU Campus where Paul Henry was enrolled in the medical school.  

1935 Columbus near OSU Campus, Edna Eicher Weaver, Paul Henry Weaver, roommate?, Noah Elwood Weaver. p 8 MGW and PHW Album .
1935 series of buildings on OSU Campus. Unknown p 8 MGW & PHW Album 
1935 p 7 NEW Album and p 8 MGW and PHW  album.  I sense my parents and Noah Elwood shared there photos extensively as the same photos are found in both family albums. 
P 8 1935 Noah Elwood Weaver album, four images. Sidewalk and Botanical Garden - on page 9 in MGW script the man with the flowering tree is labeled "NWE" and looks like a professor rather than NEW.  Draw back of using only initials for labels, which my mom liked to do. :-)
Pond near botanical garden OSU. Same photo as above in MGW and PHW album with Edna E Weaver cut off on left. 

p 6 1935 Likely Campbell Hall on OSU Campus where Peg Glessner worked and also Peg Weaver after the Sept 1935 wedding. 

 Another OSU Building in 1935 page 6 of Noah Elwood Weaver Album
1935 OSU Marching Field with Noah Elwood Weaver and Paul H Weaver, p 7 NEW Album 
 OSU Parade Grounds 1935 by NEW P 6 NEW Album

OSU Stadium labeled in EEW writing p 7 NEW Album 

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