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Paul Henry and Margaret Glessner Weaver - 1937 Chase Woods near Findlay Ohio to Wisconsin Camping

Recently I discovered a photo album of my parents, covering the years of 1934, when they were courting with visits to Findlay OH and the Chase Farm, Liberty Twp, Hancock County
to June of 1938, when my dad got his MD degree from Ohio State University in Columbus

Here is a scan of Page 1, of the album with four images.  Above, Peg Weaver on the Chase farm NW of Findlay where her mom,Inez Chase was raised, having a picnic with dad, Harry C. Glessner - in my mom's hands is the white, red and black, Campfire Marshmallows can (that I still have it and carry cakes in it . ) From p 30 of Peg's Rememberings Memoir "Once when my parents came to Columbus, they took Pete and me on a picnic. My mother had the habit of carrying a cake she had baked in a round, metal marshmallow tin, placing the cake on the lid, then covering it with the bottom portion of the tin. Pete, unknowingly turned the tin to its normal position. We had an upside-down cake and a very embarrassed Pete."
Below are "Pete" Paul H Weaver, then a med student, Peg with Harry C Glessner, and Peg Glessner with a blanket, one that lasted for a long time and made the journey to Faribault.  
 Back at the Chase Farm Woods, here are some seedings they are preparing to plant on the Chase Family farm in Liberty Township, Hancock County. Inez Chase brother Charles, AKA "Uncle Charlie" farmed the land when I was a young boy and raised Shetland Ponies. P69
 1938 Picnic on the Chase farm with ICG, Inez Chase Glessner, HCG, Harry Chappelear Glessner, MGW, Margaret Glessner Weaver, PHW, Paul Henry Weaver, EEW, Edna Eicher Weaver and NEW Noah Elwood Weaver p 69 MGW and PHW Album
 1937,  Peg Weaver age, 27, with "Pete" Paul H Weaver age 26, by a car on the Chase Farm. p 68
 1937, p 70 MGW above and PHW below, "size of pines - one year after planting" on the Chase Family farm sect 3 & 4 Liberty Twp Hancock County Ohio
 1937 Peg Weaver and Inez Chase (they were both red heads, and a pity this is not color film :-) cooking at a Chase Woods picnic.  p 69
 Peg Weaver and Harry Glessner pitching horse shoes on the Chase Farm, p 69 1937.
Paul H Weaver, Harry C Glessner, Inez C Glessner and Margaret G Weaver picnicing on the Chase Family farm 1937 p 69. 
Camping Trip to Wisconsin
 During the summer of 1937, my parents now married for nearly 2 years, took time off from there work at Ohio State, Pete would be a senior at OSU Medical School and Peg worked for a Dr Gorrell the head of the OSU Home Economics Dept p 33"I was happy when Civil Service found me a job in the Home Economics Department at Ohio State University with a salary of $80.00 a month, minus a deduction for Social Security! Now I could walk to work with Pete when he went to school. We had fun identifying the campus trees -- unfamiliar ones, gingko, alder, and yellowwood. Because he was sometimes free from classes and labs in the late afternoons, Pete frequently prepared supper before I returned from work. My boss was Mrs. Gorrell, head of the Department. Some of the profs in the Department were interesting characters, some with unusual names, Hughina McKay (who brought me a gift from her Mexican trip, a small bottle of Evening in Paris perfume -- from Mexico!), Winona Morgan, Alma Hughes."

 Camp Site on Upper Gresham Lake northern Wisconsin.  Peg Weaver at the camp stove.  Note Canoe Paddles by the tent. p 78 - 1937 Summer
 1937 Ohio Plate on this car.  Boot Lake, Nicolet National Forest Wisconsin p 70 July 1937 p 73

Wonder if this is the Ford, Peg writes about in her Rememberings:

"In his senior year when he took the obstetrics course, Pete needed a car to deliver babies in homes. Because it coughed a lot, he named our second-hand, two-door Ford, Phthisis, the Greek name for TB (tuberculosis). When he was out delivering a baby at night, being left alone was scary in a bedroom with a window facing a fire-escape, having been brought up living behind a safety door when there was no male in the house."

 1937  Canoe at Upper Gresham Lake Wisconsin Paul "Pete" Weaver. p 78
 Peg Weaver writing by tent, campsite Boot Lake, Nicolet National Forest Wisconsin July 1937 p 73
1937 back in Ohio, visiting West Carrollton Ohio, 321 E Main Back yard, with Edna Eicher Weaver and Hanna Swearingen on the left with Paul "Pete" Weaver in white outfit with pipe and Peg Weaver reading a sheet of paper.  NEWeaver Photo p 81 

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