Sunday, July 1, 2012

5K Bill Huyck's Reunion Arb Walk/Run June 16 coordinated by Bob Aby '67

I was asked by my friend Bob Aby to make a spread sheet of the participants of the 5K and to arrive early for the 5K event to honor coach Bill Huyck.  Here is the view back toward the campus from near the new Rec Center. 

Coach Bill Huyck, arriving with his little white Scotty dog to see the participants off behind the Rec Center.  I learned that Bill is a native of Owatonna MN and a '53 graduate of Carleton.

Here is my classmate, Harry MacLachlin, '69 with Coach Huyck and another event participant.

 Harry with Bob Aby the event coordinator and organizer at the registration table
 Harry chatting with Bob's sister and others with the Carleton water tower and farm housein the background
 Bob Aby, '67 working on how to time the event.
Hill of the Three Oaks in the background with the finish line by the timing device.  Carleton Student worker for the reunion in the foreground. 

At the registration table early preparing for the beginning of the event

Participant with a New Rochelle T Shirt.  I think Chris Grosso is from here, the husband of Val, my niece who now lives in NYC. My Arnaud French ancestors are from Le Rochelle France and moved to England with the Catholic persecution of the 15th Century, 1600's of protestants.  Are some of us still protesting?  :-)

Carleton water tower, Coach Huyck engaging in conversation with his scotty dog in conversation with barefoot participant. 
After the start of the event, this participant noticed the water on the course.  Remnants of 6 plus inches of rain that began on Thursday evening.  Bob Aby reset the course to the upper arb on Friday. 

Barefoot runner ready before the start. 

Early in the event going uphills by prairie plants like sage. 

The silver white plants are sage and the taller stalks are remnants of last years compass plant fruits with new leaves emerging. 

Barefoot runner returning with run/walker in front. 

Runners returning showing different ages of participants. 

Runner at one of the gullies formed by recent rain. 

The sign of the turn around. Bob had left these 16 Pepsi cups as the formal reminder of the half way point of the 5 K. 

Toward the end of the course.  Prairie plants in front with brush pile collected by campus workers for recycling I am told. 

Coach Huyck with scotty dog and other helpers at the finish of the course. 

Coach Huyck again with supporters at Finish

Bob Aby, center of 3, with some of his supporters and the end of the event.   Thanks Bob for your good work ! :-)  I do know there were 33 finishers and participants and that I finished 32nd in about 40 minutes or so, mostly walking. Beautiful day and fun time for me.

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